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Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions, with factors such as fast food, computers, tv, video games etc., all contributing to the problem. Over 50% of our children are overweight, and almost 20% are obese. We’re elated to begin offering the Shashido Youth Fitness program to help combat this problem, and to introduce kids of all ages into a healthy fitness lifestyle in a safe, fun, non-intimidating format. Helping those young people in our community improve their health, energy, and quality of life. I am confident that I can use fitness and sports performance training as a vehicle to help them stay focussed on their academics, make better social choices, and reach their potential, both as a person and as an athlete.

Providing youth fitness programming is a natural extension of our commitment to the community. It’s sad to see how many unhealthy kids there are out there. The vast majority of kids today have sedentary lifestyles, even if they are participating in sport activities. Our programs are designed with safety and fun in mind. If it’s not fun, kids are not going to stick with it. The Shashido Youth Fitness program will be delivered by certified fitness professionals who will help motivate and inspire the kids.

When developing young athletes, the goal, especially early on, should be to develop a broad spectrum of physical qualities such as running, jumping, throwing, pushing and pulling, squatting, lunging,  rotating, and body awareness. These skills are fundamental to more advanced motor patterns, and can be applied in virtually any number of motor skill tasks. One of the most effective ways to train beginners early on is to use bodyweight as the primary source of loading. It allows for exploration of all the above listed movement patterns. More importantly, bodyweight training allows the athlete to train the body as a functional unit, and this is the primary objective : functional fitness. For example, because young athletes usually have poor stability through their core and trunk which is further exacerbated when performing isolative or machine based training, we find bodyweight options such as a push-up, over a bench press, allows the youth to develop appropriate stabilization patterns.

While your child is building a lifelong love for activity, and building motor skills, he or she will also show improvement in social and intellectual skills. Your child will increase coordination, balance, and consequently improve self esteem and confidence. Listening skills, attention span, and the ability to follow directions will improve. Finally, as your child’s confidence grows they will challenge themselves in ways they never have before.

Suggested age groupings are under 9, under 13, and 14 – 18. These groupings aren’t written in stone, as I realize how difficult it can be taking several family members to different time slots daily.

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