Why Good Posture Is So Important

Why Good Posture Is So Important

Good posture minimizes the risk of pain or injury while exercising.

It re-establishes proper joint function thus allowing the intended

muscles  to receive the  stimulus. You see, faulty posture alters

joint  function,  and will determine which muscles receive the

stimulation  regardless of the intended target. Let me give you a

common  example. Now, over 80% of the population have anterior pelvic

tilt to some degree ( that’s when the hips have dropped forward due

to tight hip flexors) thus inhibiting reciprocal  innervation  of the

gluteals (buttocks), meaning that they have lost the ability to

contract when required, so the quadriceps (frontal thigh muscles)

can do most of the work to rise from the bottom position of the

squat. So what happens is the back extensor muscles (especially

the lower back) compensate for the glutes, and are forced to do

most of the work to complete the lift. Overworking the back muscles

is risking injury, and think about this: 90% of the population

experience  back pain at some point in their life, and lower back

pain / injury costs Australia $9 BILLION annually.

Faulty posture limits performance! So where do I come in? It’s my

job  to recognize  postural defects and to prescribe an exercise

prescription to correct them, thus giving the client the best

chance of remaining injury free, so that they can achieve their

training goals QUICKLY and relatively SAFELY, with OPTIMAL RESULTS!

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