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*Classes in Mt. Barker

Filipino stickfighting, referred to in martial arts circles as either Kali, Arnis, or Eskrima. Although regarded as a complete martial art system, the three most popular forms are long & short stick or blade, the long stick/blade (71cm), and two long sticks/blades. We always teach the single long stick first, always held in the right hand.

Most people don’t like the idea of being clobbered with a stick, so don’t become involved with contact sparring, but newcomers soon discover that there are tons of different drills to learn that don’t require hitting anyone, from beginner to black Belt syllabus, learning how to attack and defend using empty hands, single or double stick, and stick with knife. By the way, we only practice with wooden knives. When you intend training for Black Belt you should do a lot of practice with a real blade, otherwise, just use wood.

When learning the drills, we need to perform slowly, and consequently, you will find them very relaxing. Once learned, however, you can develop speed and they become very dynamic and effective.

Here are some basic video examples : These 5 videos are the 6 – count sequences that follow the 5 videos on the right. Once we learn each sequence individually, we gradually add them together as we memorize them. So, here you have all the 4 – counts on the right, followed by all the six counts below, which makes up the first 50 strikes in the sequence. Remember to always warm up the wrists at commencement of practice. Start slowly, stay relaxed. Learn the moves first, and then do a little speed practice. These sequences MUST be performed in the order you see here when being graded for higher martial art rank. To avoid confusing yourself, always practice a four count on it’s own, or do all of the four counts in PROPER ORDER. Ditto for six, eight, ten, and twelve counts, until you have memorized one big sequence. Enjoy the journey!


1. Toe tips

2. Instep

3. Ball of foot

4. Sole of foot

5. Blade edge of foot

6. Bottom of heel

7. Back of heel

8. Shin

9. Knee

10. Finger tips

11. Second metacarpal joints

12. Back of hand

13. Palmar surface of hand

14. Blade edge of hand

15. Fist

16. Heel of hand

17. Ridge hand

18. Top of wrist

19. Elbow

20. Head



1. Eyes

2. Throat

3. Groin

4. Carotid arteries

5. Joints

6. Temples

7. Ears

8. Solar plexus

9. Floating ribs

10. Kidneys

11. Liver

12. Spine

13. Mandible

14. Philtrum

15. Medulla oblongata ( on back of head )


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