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A fantastic workout for the heart and lungs, while toning muscles and losing fat. Building confidence, self esteem, discipline, concentration, and coordination. Learn how to move defensively, and counter-strike. Develop stamina and aerobic endurance. Build physical and mental strength. Learn how to stretch your muscles safely and effectively.

A typical session would look something like this :

Warm-up : 5 minutes of low intensity activity, such as shadow boxing, footwork drills, and active stretching

Footwork drills



punch/kick combinations

elbow/knee strikes combined with punching and/or kicking

shadow boxing

punching partner – held pads

punching/kicking heavy bag

strength work : calisthenics and abdominal work

stretching : static / P.N.F./ partner assisted

Obviously, time constraints won’t allow doing everything as listed, so there’s plenty of scope for variety in sessions.



1. To teach martial art and self defence

2. To develop physical and mental fitness

3. To encourage self discipline

4. To develop humility and gentle manner

5. To foster courtesy and respect

6. To develop courage and fortitude

7. To promote self confidence

8. To encourage self control

9. To teach the necessity of personal internal reflection, and it’s part in personal growth

10. To help students achieve self realization of their potential


1. PHYSICAL –strengthens muscular, skeletal and nervous systems, and improves cardio-respiratory fitness

2. SOCIAL — provides an opportunity to make new friends and have fun

3. EDUCATIONAL — by improving neuro-muscular coordination and balance , you broaden your potential for achievement

4. RECREATIONAL — provides an excellent means of releaving stress

5. THERAPEUTIC — particularly beneficial in cases of hypertension, hyperactivity, obesity, and muscular rehabilitation

6. PSYCHOLOGICAL — promotes independence and self confidence, helping us to cope with life in general. Having tremendous value for children, it encourages self discipline and a positive mental outlook, and is unsurpassed as a character builder.

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