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That’s why today I want to share a quick
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Can You Use Temptation to Propel You to
Fitness Success?

Here’s something I thought you might find

Temptation, when it comes to sticking with
your diet, may not be a bad thing.

In fact, it can even help you!

Before I share the details of the study I
found with you, let me just say that I’ve
always believed that success at staying lean
and healthy (or success at anything in life,
for that matter) requires the right mental attitude.

As famed motivational speaker Zig Ziglar
says, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Without the right mindset, it becomes too
easy to falter.

On to the study…

A research paper published in the Journal
of Personality and Social Psychology, studied
two groups of people – those who were successful
at achieving their long-term goals and those
who weren’t.

It turns out there is a small shift in perception
that the group who actually ACHIEVES their
goals does in their minds, that the other group

What is it?

When faced with temptation, the group that
stuck with their goals saw it as a BIG reminder
for them to stay the course. It reminded them
of their goal and helped them stay on track.

The people who were unsuccessful at achieving
their long-term goals saw the temptation as a
huge obstacle to overcome. [1]

Pretty awesome right?

Such a small shift in perception of the same
temptation can cause a radically different outcome.

In some cases, it can even mean the difference
between failure and success.

But this doesn’t quite tell us HOW those successful
people make that connection.

Another research paper, published in the October
2011 issue of Personality and Social Psychology
Bulletin set out to test the idea of an “implementation

Simply put, it involves making a specific plan to
help satisfy a goal.

For this study, the researchers recruited women to
participate in a healthy eating habits investigation.

They surveyed them, asking them whether or
not they were interested in dieting, whether or
not they were successful at dieting, and to name
an unhealthy snack food that they found very tempting.

The researchers then took half of the women and
asked them to form an “implementation intention.”
In this case, it was to stick to their diet, even if
they encountered their tempting food.

The other half of the women who participated
were not asked to form an implementation intention.

Seven days after that, the researchers asked
the women how well they did in resisting their temptation.

Of course, the group that reported they were not
successful at dieting, AND did NOT form an implementation
intention, did not do well at following their diet and gave in
to the foods they found alluring.

And as expected, the group that did report being
successful at dieting, had more success at staying
the course.

But here’s where it gets interesting:

The women who reported they were normally
unsuccessful at dieting, but DID do the implementation
intention, improved their ability to resist temptation and
succeed with their diet. [2]

Bottom line: You CAN use temptation to help
you stay on track.

You just need to decide beforehand that’s what
you’re going to do.

So everytime you see that temptation, it will be a
glaring reminder of the fitness goals you’ve set for

Also, as part of your implementation intention,
decide on an action you’ll take if you are faced
with temptation.

For example, if you are going to be in a social situation
where there will be cake, know in advance that you will
drink a glass of water instead.

Having this all thought-out beforehand will
exponentially increase your chances of success!

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