Ultimate Jump Training

athletes that need to run, jump, cut, throw, or hit…

Discover How To Take Your Game

To The Next Level By Developing The

Explosiveness, Stability and Mobility

That Transfers Right To The

Field or Court


Dear Athlete:

Are you making the same training mistakes that most athletes make?

Hour upon hour is being spent in the weight room getting strong, but you spend little time mastering athletic movement skills. You work hard on off-season strength training trying to ‘bulk up’ to get that extra edge on game day.

You might even be using some cone drills, box jumps or running suicides.

But going through all of this still leaves a missing piece…

To bring the best out in your training you need to make sure your approach addresses the movement demands of actually performing…not just being a weight room superstar.

So if you are a…

  • Basketball player who wants to jump higher
  • Volleyball player who wants to prevent knee and ankle injuries
  • Football player who wants to explode off the line
  • Baseball player who wants to throw and hit harder
  • Soccer player who wants to change direction quicker
  • Tennis player who wants to cover more ground on the court
  • Lacrosse player who wants to develop an explosive first step
  • Track athlete who wants to run faster
  • Any other athlete who wants to maximize their performance

The answer is the SHASHIDO Ultimate Jump Training Program.

The SHASHIDO Ultimate Jump Training Program is for athletes who want to improve their game to the highest level:

  • Movement Skills
  • Explosiveness
  • Mobility & Stability

As well as eliminating injuries.

And the best part?

Ultimate Jump Training is designed to be used on the court or field, so you can integrate it into your practice as part of your strength and conditioning program if you don’t have the time or means to get to a weight room.


Unlike other Jump-based programs, that consist of 500 squat jumps and 1000 calf raises, Ultimate Jump Training is grounded in proper strength training principles.

The program allows athletes who might not have access to a weight room to increase stability and mobility and progressively overload their bodies to prevent injuries and become more explosive.

Learn Everything you Need to Know About Jump Training To Make Yourself Go Faster, More Explosive and Bulletproof!
  • No equipment is needed
  • Proper progressions for every movement, so you can challenge yourself at any level
  • Great for in-season use when you just don’t have time for strength and conditioning
  • Perfect complement for your existing strength program to translate strength to more explosive movement

Training Athletes To Perform On The Field Or The Court Is About More Than Improving

Their Squat Or Bench Press…

…And Ultimate Jump Training is your key to bridging the gap between gym performance

and game performance!

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