Training Tips! Listen Up Guys!

 # 1 – Box Jumps Upgrade

Believe it or not, this is a great NON-impact exercise but most

people don’t look at this exercise this way.

Tip 1– Land SOFTLY. Because you’re at an elevated position at

the top, you’re able to do this.

Tip 2 – DON’T “jump” down. You can destroy your achilles doing

this and there’s no added benefit. Just step down.

# 2 – Pushups Upgrade

Don’t let your elbows “flare” out. Instead, keep them tucked near

your sides and you’ll save your shoulder joints and rotator cuff.

Want to carve out some crazy tricep definition? Do Close-Grip

Pushups (your hands should be just inside shoulder-width) and

do them 90% style.

That means you’ll come up only 90% instead of all the way. This

keeps constant tension on your triceps.

# 3 – The Legendary “Switch” Lunge

This exercise kicks my butt every time. You’ll not only work your

quads, glutes and hamstrings, but your heart rate will go through the

roof as you burn tons of calories with this resistance/conditioning “hybrid”


 #4 – Mountain Climbers (You’re Doing Them Wrong)

The typical way to do this classic move is to “shuffle” your feet

back and forth as fast as possible while “piking” your hips in the air.

This can wreck havoc on your back.

Instead, do them at a moderate pace (1 second to bring your foot

in and 1 to bring it back).

Keep your hips low and brace your abs HARD.

This will work your abs harder in 20 seconds than 60 seconds the old

fashioned way.



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