Tip #1 : Avoid this food at lunch ( destroys your fat burning progress )

STARCHY  CARBS !! will make you sleepy, because they raise insulin levels too high. Use lean animal protein, veggies, whole food fats, and maybe a piece of fruit. This will keep insulin levels low, so your body keeps using fat for fuel, plus you’ll have tons of energy all afternoon.

Tip #2 : Avoid mixing too much fat and carbs in the one meal

Choose lean protein, veggies, and maybe a few starchy carbs, relatively low in fat. Your meals should always start with protein as the base. Fats digest very well with protein, but what many people don’t realize is that protein and carbs are not so amicable together, so don’t over-do your portions.

Tip #3 : Refuel with CARBS at the evening meal. Yeah, that’s not a misprint. Try using fats and protein earlier in the day, and carbs with protein later. This replenishes your body, and sets you up for the next day, so you can start your fat-burning frenzy all over again, without reaching a plateau.

Tip #4 : Avoid soft drinks with your meals ( better still, just avoid them full-stop )

The insulin spikes are tremendous! The best drink is WATER! Otherwise, unsweetened hot or iced tea or unsweetened black coffee, if you love coffee.

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