Three Ab Training Mistakes

#1 : Training For Endurance, and NOT Strength

Instead of doing more reps in your workouts, you need to progress the exercise to challenge yourself. Train the abs like any other muscle.

#2 : Training your abs every day

Many people think if they increase the volume of work on the abs, that is conducive to spot reducing. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘spot reduction’. If you over-train the bicep, what happens? It gets smaller and weaker. So do the abs. Also, with abdominal work, it is very easy to stress other body parts, such as the neck and shoulders, depending on the exercise, so don’t risk over-use injuries, and let proper dieting take care of reducing any fat around the abs. Also remember that the abs are involved with every other exercise that you do, so 4 ab sessions weekly is plenty.

#3 : Only Moving Through One Plane of Motion

Your abs are more than just a ‘six – pack’ ( rectus abdominus ). there are actually 4 layers to your abdominal wall. The idea is to train your abs in 3 dimensions to support its main roles : Stabilization, rotation, resisting movement, and lending support simultaneously.  Prone planks, side planks, and diagonal woodchops are great exercises.



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