The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret

There is a simple tool, rarely ever mentioned, that may be the ultimate weight loss secret : a daily journal. “Recording what you eat, when you eat it, how much exercise you do, when you do it, and most importantly, how it makes you feel, can really make people stay on track, and achieve their weight loss and fitness goals”, says personal training business owner, Shane Shiels, of Shashido Enterprises.

Anything that is measured and  watched consistently improves. I insist each of my clients record not only what they put in their mouths, and the type and quantity of exercise they perform, but also how they feel. Inevitably, the feelings recorded are positive, as it’s virtually impossible to eat right and exercise, and not feel good about yourself. The client is instructed to review their journal each morning, focussing on the positive feelings they experienced the day before. Nothing reinforces life changing behavior more than recollecting the strong emotions associated with taking positive action towards a goal.

Self-sabotage occurs when negative feelings creep in. And negative feelings can only take hold when they are permitted to do so. Fueling the mind with positive, expectant, hopeful thoughts is supremely motivating. Each day the process becomes easier as momentum builds, until after about 21 days it becomes automatic.

Just as a savvy business person tracks and measures advertising in order to determine what is working, and what is not, enabling him or her to make consistently better choices, so should an individual seeking body transformation results. The ultimate ‘secret’, if you will, to getting transformative results, is as much about managing your emotions, as it is about exercise, and nutrition. How we program our brains, what we allow ourselves to emotionally experience, play a huge role in our success or failure.

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