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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s
Day is just a few days away.

And while most people go
out and get the typical gifts
that say, “I love you,” today,
I’d like to share something a
little different…

Share this “gift” with those
special to you, and let those
who care about you know that
a little bit of this once in a while
wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


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Why THIS Could Be The Best
Gift You Give This Valentine’s Day

It’s the month of “love.”

For most folks, this means
giving that special someone
some tasty chocolates, a
bouquet of flowers, an
endearing personal note,
or even a small gift that
shows them how much
they’re loved.

But what if this Valentine’s
Day, you could give a gift
that far surpasses anything
“traditional” like that?

Science now shows us,
such a gift exists…

Researchers at the Social
Cognitive and Affective
Neuroscience Lab at Harvard
University, looked at what
happens in the brain when
someone talks about

They did two experiments.

In the first, they recruited 78
participants. The subjects
were told to give their opinions,
on an alternate basis. While
their brains were scanned,
they would be asked to
give their opinions on different
things and subjects.
Immediately after, they
were asked to judge the
opinions of others whose
photos they looked at.

In the second experiment,
117 subjects were asked
to talk about their own
personality traits, alternated
with those traits of the
current Australian Prime
Minister at the time (either
Gillard or Rudd). Their brains
were also scanned while
giving these opinions.

What did the researchers

People love talking about
themselves! It turns out
that when someone talks
about themselves, certain
“pleasure” and “reward”
regions of the brain are
activated – the same
feel-good regions of the
brain that are activated
when someone eats
good food, has sex,
wins money or indulges
in drugs.[1]

That’s why if you really
want to give the gift of
love, let that special
someone talk about

Really listen to them.
Don’t do what most
people do – nod their head,
pretending they’re listening,
when in reality they’re just
waiting for a break in the
conversation so they can
say what they’re thinking
in the moment.

Instead, be curious and
ask questions about the
other person.If there’s
something interesting
they’ve done or mentioned,
find out more.

Ask their opinion on different
topics (like the researchers
did in this study) and find
out why they think the way
they do.

Most people are dying for
a chance to have a
meaningful conversation
with someone… especially
a conversation about

So why not go a little easy
on the chocolates, and
instead put science in
your corner this Valentine’s
Day? Let that special
someone talk about

It will show them they’re
loved. And better yet – if
this study is any indication
– it will help them feel
good… really good.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day! 🙂

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1. Tamir, Diana, Mitchell,
Jason. “Disclosing information
about the self is intrinsically
rewarding.” PNAS 2012 ;
published ahead of print
May 7, 2012,

Quote Corner

“Hard work is a prison
sentence only if it does
not have meaning.”
– Malcolm Gladwell

Eat Yourself Thin

Southwest Chicken
(Serves Four)

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
4 skinless, boneless chicken
breast halves
1 (300g) can whole
kernel corn, drained
1 (425g) can black beans,
rinsed and drained
1 (283g) can diced
tomatoes with green chile peppers
1 pinch ground cumin

1. In a large skillet, heat oil
over medium-high heat.
Brown chicken breasts on
both sides. Add tomatoes
with green chile peppers,
beans and corn. Reduce
heat and let simmer for
25 to 30 minutes or until
chicken is cooked through
and juices run clear. Add
a dash of cumin and serve.

Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Ready: 35 mins

Amount Per Serving –
Calories: 310 / Total Fat: 6.4g
Cholesterol: 68mg
Sodium: 863mg / Total
Carbs: 27.9g / Dietary
Fibre: 7.5g / Protein: 35g

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