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Can you get in great shape with just 10 minutes per day?


Absolutely. In fact, you’ll be amazed by just how much really effective fitness training you can do in just ten minutes a day.  I’ll show you how.


Follow these instructions, focus your mind…intensely…for just 10 minutes each day, and you’ll not only tighten and tone your body…you’ll transform it.


You’ll quickly see how these exercises build lean, strong muscle (don’t worry ladies, no bulging bodybuilder muscles will result – you don’t have the testosterone for that – but you men who are reading this – and who DO the exercises – will see your muscles grow quickly).


And you’ll also see how, when practiced intensely, even for just 10 minutes a day, you can elevate your heart rate dramatically (be sure to check with your doctor before beginning) and get a fantastic cardiovascular workout while strengthening your muscles at the same time.


If you’re super busy and need a fast way to fitness you can do on your lunch break, then read on.


First, you need to know which exercises to do…and how to do them…


The Ultimate Upper Body Exercise


Whether you want to build serious muscle, or just tighten and tone your upper body, there’s really no beating the push-up. It’s simple and effective.


Here’s how to do a proper push-up, step-by-step…


  1. Lie face down on the floor


  1. Put your palms on the floor, just about level with your breast and fairly tight to your body


  1. Then push up. Try and keep the rest of your body rigid.


  1. Stop pushing up just before you lock your elbows. Hold for a second and then lower yourself back down slowly. Go until your nose is almost touching the floor.


  1. That’s one. Just repeat.


While you’re doing push-ups you are working your arms, chest, core, legs… You name it! So if you can spend just 5-10 minutes per day doing push-ups you’ll see AND feel amazing results in a very short time indeed.


Best of all, you can do them anywhere and there’s no need for any expensive gym equipment.



Super Tight, Awesome Abs


The next exercise you need to know for getting terrific in 10 minutes is the crunch. There’s no better way to build abdominal muscle and give you a flat as a pancake belly.


Here’s how to do a crunch…


  1. Sit down on the floor and lock your toes under a desk or other weight you can find.


  1. Lie down on your back, with your arms crossed on your chest and your knees bent at about 45 degrees.


  1. Sit-up so that the bottom of your elbow touch your legs.


  1. Then sit back into lying position. Just so your shoulders are flat on the floor then start sitting up again.


  1. Repeat.


It’s important you keep your arms crossed over your chest. Although it’s popular practice to have your arms behind your head, this is actually dangerous because it strains the neck and bends the back. Two things you don’t want to do.


Make sure the strain is always on your core. When you get to the point where you need to “throw” your upper body to sit-up your should stop.

Terrific Thighs and Tush


The squat is a great exercise because you don’t need any equipment, can do it almost anywhere and results are phenomenal.


Here’s how to do a squat…


  1. Stand up with your arms by your side. Feet about one foot apart.


  1. Now sink your butt to the floor, bending at the knees. As you go down pull your arms up, so they’re straight out in front of you


  1. When you go down as far as you can, hold for a second.


  1. Now use your legs to stand up straight again, moving your arms back to the side of your body


  1. Repeat


It’s important to try and keep your back straight as you squat. Squatting is great for adding strength to your legs and working your core too.


For the 10 minute workout plan, you will squat holding dumbbells… The same weight you use for your chest presses.



10 Minute Workout Plan







Chest press







Move up the next dumb bell set


Chest press








* Do this fast, but controlled. See how many circuits you can go through in your 10 minutes and then use that number as a bench mark to work against every day you train.


* Just keep going through this circuit until your 10 minutes is up


* Start with weights you are comfortable with


* Warm up and warm down


What To Take Away From This Report:


Fairly simple, right?


You really can get results with just 10 minutes going through that workout. But, it’s intense; you need to really push yourself to benefit from it. There’s no time for rest.


Make sure you re-hydrate afterwards. And if you can, adding a brisk 10 minute walk to this workout plan would be incredibly beneficial.


Remember, this 10 minute workout should be considered a “last resort.”


If you would prefer even faster, safer results then I recommend a longer workout. For help with time management and how you can fit a longer workout into your busy schedule I urge you to take advantage of your free fitness & weight loss diagnostic consultation gift certificate click here.


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