1. Backwards Sled Drag

Description: A heavy sled is dragged with the participant facing the sled

Coaching Cues: emphasize a straight back, straight arms, using “fast feet” and a tight torso.

2. Arm Over Arm Rope

Description: A thick rope (1.5” diameter is preferred) is tied to an implement such as a prowler. The prowler is placed 20-30 meters away from the individual. When told to start, the trainee pulls the prowler towards them. Once the prowler is all the way in, they are required to drop the rope and push the prowler back to the starting location.
Coaching Cues: Stay low, fast hands, tight abs

3. Carrying Event

Description: Put together 5 fairly heavy objects and set out 2 cones roughly 10 yards apart. Eg: heavy chains, 25K kettlebells, 45# plates, sandbags. When told to go, the individual must carry each item to the other cone, leave it there and go back and get the next item. They cannot carry two items at a time. The goal is to complete as many trips as possible during the work period. This is a speed station!

Coaching Cues: Important – do NOT grab a heavy item with 1 hand.
Must use two hands. Squeeze the abs, use strict squat position for pick up and placement back down.

4. Push ups – however you like.

5. Clean and Press

Description: Here you may use the following: Dumbbells, thick lifting bars, actual logs (preferred) or a regular barbell.
Emphasizing excellent technique, the individual must complete as many reps as possible during the work period.

Coaching Cues: Back arched, eyes up, keep the implement close to the body, lower under control

NOTE: If you are NOT comfortable with the Olympic lifts, please do NOT do this movement

6. Running!

Description: Set up cones as far apart as space allows or as far away as the sound on the interval timer will carry!
Do not walk.
You must make note of how many laps you complete and hit this number every time.
This prevents you from ‘coasting’ when you get a little fatigued.

7. Med Ball Load

Description: You can provide many different weights for the med balls, but more advanced trainees can use 60#+ med balls.
Set a crossbar at shoulder height, a rack, rope or pvc pipe will suffice.
Lift the ball up and over the crossbar.
Then drop under the bar to the other side of the crossbar, pick up the implement and repeat back over the bar. If no crossbar is available, the med ball can be released backwards over the shoulder.

Coaching Cues: Straddle the ball, squat to pick it up, don’t just bend at the waist. Tight abs, of course!

8. Jump Rope – use any way you like.

9. Farmer’s Walk

Description: You can easily use dumbbells for this, but proper Farmer’s Walk handles are preferred.
Set up cones roughly 25 meters apart.
Pick up a handle in each hand and walk the 25 meters. Once there you can attempt to make the turn around the cones, but experience has shown that it is safer to put the implements down, turn around and face the other way, pick them up again and go. The turn itself can injure the wrists if the implements have too much momentum and twist the arms.

Coaching Cues: Keep a strict arch in the back, squeeze the abs tight, shoulders back, eyes up, fast feet with a “quiet” upper body.

10. TRX Inverted Row

Description: A pure back and biceps movement.
Minimum 45 degree angle

Coaching Cues: fast on the way up, slow on the way down, don’t bend at the waist, get as steep an angle as possible.

Repeat this circuit 2 times. Advanced trainees may be able to complete 3 times through.
Also, an additional 30-45 second rest between rounds is recommended.


Sled Drag Combos

1) Set your interval timer for 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest
2) The first set is a Forward Sled Drag (facing away from the sled) emphasizing the hamstrings.
3) Rest 30 seconds
4) Set #2 is a backwards sled drag (facing the sled) emphasizing the quadriceps.
5) Rest 30 seconds
6) Repeat for 20 work sets. Duration 20 minutes.
Result – serious lactic acid!
NOTE: You can use this workout for distance, roughly 40 meters, with a 30 or 45 second rest period.


Need something for a smaller space?

Interval: 30/30

1) Sandbag Carry (75-100#): Figure 8 around 2 cones 15 feet apart
2) Squat Jump – un-weighted
3) Med Ball over the Shoulder (50-60#): alternate shoulders
4) Burpies
5) Thick Bar Clean and Press: 2” handle

-60-90 seconds between rounds
-Repeat 3-4 times through
-Duration 16-20 minutes


This one uses only a tire for equipment.

1) 3 tire flips
2) Rest 20 seconds
3) 50 metre shuttle (25m up and back)
4) Rest 20 seconds
5) 3 tire flips
6) Rest 20 seconds
7) 15 push ups
8) Rest 30 seconds
9) 3 tire flips
10) Rest 30 seconds
11) 15 sit ups
12) Rest 90 seconds

Repeat 2-3 cycles
Other options to alternate with tire flips here:
■ burpies
■ sit outs
■ mountain climbers
■ squat jumps