“Stop The Confusion” Seminar


I would like to invite you to Shashido Enterprises fitness seminar series with :


Learn a Simple, Proven, Lasting Approach to Living in a Lean, Firm, and Fit Body!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why diets will make you fat!
  • Why weight loss does not always equal fat loss!
  • How foods labelled “fat-free cooking”get 100% of their calories from FAT! True!
  • “Aerobics” – Why doing too much may make you fatter!
  • “Eating Right” – How to figure it all out!
  • Battling misinformation! Clearing up the myths!
  • False Beliefs! Clear your brain from what you think you know!
  • The “three” keys to success!
  • Why most people fail to lose weight and keep it off!

Date To Be Advised…