Stick With It Until You See The Results You Desire

Now, assuming you’re not just doing any old thing,
most programs will work to get some form of measurable
progress. (Some obviously better than others.)

The real issue is being able to stick with the program
in its entirety.

That means showing up and actually doing each workout.

Not skipping one and then picking up where you feel like

Or changing the program to add in your favorite exercises…

Or making excuses for why you “can’t” work out today…

I’ve made this observation before – but it bears repeating:

We live in a society where our technology is an impediment
to progress.

How are you supposed to get any work done when the
alert on your phone is constantly going off signaling a
new text message?

How are you supposed to complete the program you’re
currently using when there are a million websites tempting
you to try their “workout of the day?”

Many of us have become easily distracted. Perhaps
even you.

When you look back over the last 3 months, the last year –

Have you made the progress you truly wanted to make?

Or have you come up short?

If you’ve come up short, do you know why?

Have you been training consistently or have you been
program hopping for something “fun” or skipping workouts

Yeah, I know, honest self-evaluation isn’t fun either – in
fact it can be downright painful sometimes.

But what’s more painful –

A little honest self-assessment or living a delusional lie
that you’ll eventually wake up from and realize how
much time you’ve wasted?

At the end of the day, all you have is the end of the day.

Profound, I know.

Did you get everything out of yours that you could or
did you squander away your time avoiding the discomfort
that you sometimes face before doing your workouts.

To be truly successful, you have to embrace that discomfort –
to learn how to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

And that’s why so many people, maybe even you, have
failed in the past and are currently failing with your

workouts –

Refusal to embrace – and conquer – the uncomfortable.

This leads to failing to stick with any sort of program and
leads to “program hopping” – doing workouts that are “fun”
and “exciting.”

You know what’s really fun? Really exciting?

Looking back over the last 12 weeks and seeing how much
stronger you are, how much leaner you are, and how much
more “in shape” you are.

If you can’t do that, would you like to?
Shashido Enterprises is the solution. Join us for the best

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