Some Quick Exercise Substitutions

#1) Limited ROM Exercises
ROM stands for range-of-motion. For many people, doing deep squats hurts their knees, particularly if you are an overweight beginner. Now as you get stronger and lose fat, the pain will go away, but in the meantime, you can reduce the ROM and just go as far as comfortable in each exercise that causes slight soreness.
(If you experience PAIN, then please completely stop the exercise and let’s find you a full substitution).

You can use the Limited ROM switch on squats, pushups, rows, or pullups and chinups (just do the easy top part until you get stronger to go lower).
That will allow you to get big benefits from great exercises, even if you aren’t able to master the full version. The great news is that you’ll also get stronger quickly, and soon you’ll be able to do the whole she-bang.

#2) Burpee Replacement

I love burpees and it’s a great fat burning exercise – but many folks aren’t ready for it, so we replace Burpees with 2 ‘odd’ moves, the Hand Walkout, or the Inchworm exercise. Both exercises are total body conditioning moves that target your abs without hurting your knees.

#4-8) Back Exercise Substitutions

if you need to sub out a seated row, here are 5 minimal equipment exercises you can do:

a) Dumbbell 1-arm rows
b) Dumbbell 2-arm chest supported rows (where you lie chest down on an incline bench and focus on squeezing the muscles between your shoulder blades as you row the dumbbells up to your sides).
c) Dumbbell rear-deltoid raises
d) Band Pull-aparts
e) Bodyweight rows (using a bar or TRX)

#9) The Goblet Substitution
This switch-a-roo position change will save your forearms from getting tired when doing squats, lunges, step-ups, and split squats.

If your current workout calls for you to hold two dumbbells by your side, your grip strength will likely tire out before your legs. So in this case, you’re going to hold one heavier dumbbell at chest height in both hands. It will reduce the stress on your grip, so that you can focus on working your legs.
You can also replace dumbbells by resting a barbell across your upper back muscles, or by using a weighted vest, or holding a medicine ball.

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