Some Advantages of Bodyweight Training

1. Bodyweight exercises are easy to learn, and relatively easy to remember.

2. Bodyweight exercises can be used to develop power, strength, muscle size, and endurance. By altering lever length or changing hand or foot position, you can customize your calisthenic exercises to develop your required fitness attribute.

3. Bodyweight exercises naturally conform to how your joints and muscles function, unlike machines, which are made to fit the average build, and are only adjustable to a degree. Therefore, bodyweight exercises are easier on your joints.

4. Bodyweight exercises teach body awareness. You have to rely on your core and stabilizer muscles to keep your joints properly aligned.

5. Bodyweight exercises can be performed anywhere!

6. Bodyweight exercises can be adapted to suit most levels of fitness. For example, press ups can be performed with your knees on the floor, in a handstand position, or anywhere in between.

7. Bodyweight exercises replicate natural movements that we perform every day. Squats and lunges are primal movement patterns, whereas leg presses/ leg curls and extensions  are not.

8. Bodyweight exercises can create a very effective cardio workout for aerobic fitness and fat loss. Less time spent not having to adjust a machine allows you to maintain a high pace, thus keeping your heart rate elevated.

9. Bodyweight training is, therefore, very time efficient.

10. Bodyweight exercises are free – no gym membership required.

11. Bodyweight exercises are fun! So many variations, progressionsand regressions, whereas, with gym – based training, your workouts are usually limited by what equipment you have available.

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