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As you can see, each letter of the above acronym represents a word, and in this article I will explain why I’ve chosen these words.

The first six letters refers to myself, being the first three letters of my first and last names, with ” DO ” being a Japanese word meaning “the way”. I chose it because my primary background in martial arts is Japanese. Therefore, SHASHIDO simply means “the way of shane shiels”, which is all about promoting a healthier lifestyle. Each word represents a tenet by which we should live our lives, but may differ in relevance to each client, and, furthermore, individuals may select their own representations for the letters to better reflect their innermost self.


Every facet of our lives has safety in mind. The mattress we sleep on should support the spine, as should the pillow. From the moment that we arise from our beds, and with every step, we endeavour to adopt behavior patterns that minimize our risk of injury until we go back to sleep. I’ve structured the SHASHIDO class format with safety of paramount importance to minimize the risk of injury. However, risk can only be minimized, but never completely removed, so we must always remember to act with “due care” in everything we perform.


Fitness and health do go hand in hand, but they are not the same, as even the fittest person alive can become ill. So what I’m saying is that we should all aspire to foster healthy habits such as early to bed, early to rise, avoiding hydrogenated fat, recreational drugs, smoking,  alcohol, and processed sugar, while eating plenty of fruit, vegetables,  and drinking a lot more water. Clients are constantly educated about healthy nutrition, and are encouraged to keep a journal of daily food intake, so as to nurture the uptake of healthier eating habits. My client’s are concerned about either maintaining or regaining good health, and with my SHASHIDO system I can educate them on how to live a healthier lifestyle.


Awareness grows as knowledge improves. For example, our knowledge of exercises, and how to do them safely; which exercises are difficult and how to make them easier; how to surpass our comfort zones and reap higher rewards for our efforts; understanding your strengths versus weaknesses, and how to utilize this knowledge to maximize your potential. One of my greatest rewards is watching a client progressively becoming aware of their potential. Awareness improves as confidence grows


Every successful business is highly systematised. Whatever our goals are in life, we need a plan with a structured system in order to reach our goal. When you train with the SHASHIDO WARRIOR coaches you will be using this excellent system for optimal success.


One of our major aspirations in life is to find happiness. People approach me in an unhappy state, seeking help to either lose or gain weight, and improve fitness, and by joining our SHASHIDO classes they follow the path towards regaining their happiness. Every person spends their whole life searching for happiness. Many people don’t succeed, especially on their own. That’s why you should not delay a moment longer, and join SHASHIDO classes, where you will have FUN! SHASHIDO BOOTCAMP is not like the military, as everyone is there to help each other towards their goals.


It’s my job to inspire all of my clients, but it is every human being’s task to find the inspiration to succeed. Whatever your goal, you need to internally reflect upon your reasons, then find a mentor who will hold you accountable and constantly inspire you to succeed. Nothing is achieved in life without inspiration, so don’t delay any longer, join SHASHIDO ENTERPRISES, and allow our SHASHIDO WARRIOR coaches to guide you along the right path to achieve the goals that you so richly deserve.


Nothing worth having in life will be achieved without diligence. Once you have awareness, inspiration, and a system, all you need is DILIGENCE to reach your goal. When someone comes to me for a free consultation, one of the questions I ask is “on a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you to achieving your goal? A reply under 10 indicates to me that there will be diligence issues, so I explain the gravity of the question, and probe a little deeper to encourage that ten. You need to be totally committed, otherwise success is rare.


Obedience simply refers to obeying YOUR own rules that you know will keep you on the path to success, such as eating habits, training correctly, getting enough rest and sleep, etc. Your SHASHIDO WARRIOR coach will hold you accountable, thus providing constant inspiration to stay on the right path. We will teach you the quickest path to success, but it is up to you to obey your own creed. Once the healthy lifestyle becomes habitual, you will find it much easier to stay on track for success.

I devised the SHASHIDO acronym as part of my organization’s systematization process, but it isn’t written in stone, it’s there to help you focus positively, in order to stay on the right path to success. What’s important is YOUR connection with the acronym. You must identify with it. Therefore, if you prefer to substitute different words in the acronym, then please feel free to do so. You might also wish to create your own acronym, perhaps based upon your own name, like I did, and place it where you will see it often throughout the day.

Here are a few great words that you might find useful: accountability, commitment, tenacity, patience, focus, drive, motivation, positivity.

shane shiels, owner, Shashido Enterprises (c)2011



Despite decades of research, there remains an inability to resolve the migratory mystery of the philippines, dating back several thousand years. One theory postulates they came from India and Persia (Iran), whereas another says ancient Egypt. However, the next race to migrate were the Promo Malay, possibly of Mongolian ancestry, around 200BC. They specialized in bladed weapons, although skilled with sticks. Indonesians were next, and they inter-bred with the existing cultures.

Around the 5th century, the brahins came from India, and established a Hindu-Malayan empire by 1200AD. Then, in the 15th century the Madjapahit empire ( influenced by Arab missionaries ) took over, and spread the Moslem religion. Chinese immigration also escalated from the 12th century—they were trading with existing Filipino cultures for hundreds of years, and assimulated easily into the culture. From the 16th century, and for 400 years, the Filipinos fought Spanish invasion. The Spanish began settling in 1521, and brought Catholicism to the Philippines. The Filipinos were impressed with the Spanish sword and dagger system of fighting, and eventually improved upon it, using a long and short stick, calling it by the Spanish name Espada y daga, meaning “sword and dagger”, which today is one of the three basic forms of popular Arnis.

Prior to 200BC the art was called “Kalis”, a Latin word from which “kali” was derived, and which implies the use of a blade. “eskrima” is Latin, meaning “skirmish”, and specifically refers to the usage of sticks. The modern word “arnis” is derived from the Spanish word “arnes”, meaning “harness”.

There are probably over 100 styles in the Filipino martial arts, but they can be divided into three main groups: Northern, Southern, and Central. It is a complete system of self defense using empty hands, sword, stick, staff, lance, knife, projectile weapons, and more. However, there are 3 basic forms that are popular: 1. Espada y daga (using long and short stick/knife)(2) Long stick (71cm)  (3) Sinawali (2 sticks).

All of the styles have one common denominator: their principles of combat are based on a pattern of angles that all attacks must fall into, regardless of style, or weapon. The theory in Kali is to hit the hand, so that it can’t hold the weapon. If you take the fang from the snake, the snake is harmless. The main principle in Filipino martial arts is to hit rather than block, whenever possible.


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