Reduce Training Time For Maximum Progress

Sometimes you’re super-motivated to get results on you’re brand new fat loss program – it seems like “all the stars  line up” and yet you crash and burn miserably.

What happened?

How’d did you fail so badly?

What went wrong?

That’s the subject of today’s blog.


Sometimes, in our irrational exuberance, we just plain ol’ overestimate our capabilities.

I am notorious for this.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written what look to be great programs on paper, then once in the middle of them, I have to abandon my efforts.


Because they take up too much time and mental energy.

You may be doing great stress wise.

And you have the desire and the motivation.

However, maybe your forgot to clue your spouse or better half in on this new fat loss adventure you’re undertaking.

And it’s taking more time then you expected.

And it’s taking more mental RAM than you expected.

This is probably the sneakiest set up I know of for  failure.

Especially the energy part.

In fact, I recently had to cut my own training back by about 1/3 to a 1/2 because of energy management – I just cannot let my training have that much of my energy -Because there isn’t that much available. What is available had to go into my business.
So my training, my workouts, have to reflect that.

And so should yours – ESPECIALLY if you’re going to go on a fat loss program.

Leave yourself some wiggle room and don’t make the mistake I frequently make and overschedule yourself.

In fact, if you were to ask me what the “best” fat loss program was for the “average” person, it would look like the following:

1. The nutrition would be simple and easy to implement, and enjoyable.

2. The training would be manageable, again focused around energy management – getting the biggest bang for your buck –

Training heavy and training explosively.

(Both use your big, strong Type 2b muscle fibers, which are the most energy hungry fibers you have – so they burn more calories.)

3. And my time and energy output would be well managed, leaving both to enjoy the rest of my life without stressing at all about them.

Don’t worry though, your total weekly training time will only take you between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

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