Plank Mistakes That Cause Back Pain

 The plank is a common exercise used to target the core. It is a real common body weight exercise that people do in the gym or in the bootcamps but  it is frequently done wrong. And with it being done wrong, it ends up putting unnecessary stress on the back  and can lead to a back injury or back pain

MISTAKE #1 : Hips too high

This causes over-activation and contraction of your hip flexors, which puts your lower back into a very stressful position. It also puts unnecessary stress on your shoulders.

MISTAKE #2 : Hips too low

Dropping the hips arches the back, thus placing excessive stress on the facet joints, which can lead to irritation and potential injury, and pain.

It’s important to understand that the arch by itself is a very important spinal exercise, especially for sore backs. BUT, back arching against resistance is dangerous. You see, it is the weakness in your core that causes you to sag, and you are fighting gravity to maintain position. Your instructor should give you a simpler exercise, until you are strong enough to hold a ‘neutral’ position for at least 15 seconds. Always stop when you begin to sag.

MISTAKE #3 : Muscle Imbalances

People won’t activate the right muscles. They can’t activate the gluteals, nor the latissimus dorsii. Your instructor should teach you how to flex your glutes with a number of exercises designed to re- activate them, as they are needed to protect your back.

If the plank bothers your lower back, it’s probably due to these mistakes


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