Dear Parent,

While your child is building a lifelong love for activity, and developing motor skills, he or she will also show improvement in social and intellectual skills. Your child will increase coordination, balance,and consequently improve self esteem and confidence. Listening skills, attention span and the ability to follow directions will improve. Finally, your child will become more confident, and challenge themselves in ways they never have before.

Shashido Enterprises objective is to help as many young athletes as possible. We are confident that we can use fitness and sports performance training as a vehicle to help them stay focused on their academics, make better social choices, and reach their potential, both as a person and as an athlete.

Resistance band training is one of the most neuro-muscularly effective ways to help young high school athletes enhance running skills and over-all first step quickness. Our programs are designed to progressively increase a young athlete’s footwork, first step reactiveness and total body integrated strength, as it relates to improving multi-directional speed.

Classes are divided by age: 6-9, 10-13, 14-18 years.


To be announced


To be announced


 3x per week:       $200  monthly  ( 12 sessions )

2x per week:       $130                    ( 8   sessions )

1x per week:       $90                        ( 4  sessions )

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