Before you start, select an object to focus on, such as a lit candle. Place it in front of you, and  make yourself comfortable. Good idea to remove your shoes, loosen your collar, belt, etc.

Now focus your eyes on the candle flame. With every breath that you take, you will feel the tension leave your body, starting with your toes, as you exhale, feel your toes relaxing… traveling up your calves, your calves are feeling very relaxed…..your thighs relaxing with every exhalation…..your back is relaxed, you feel yourself sinking comfortably into the chair…..breathing in, breathing out, and with every breath you are feeling more and more relaxed…..your fingers are soft and loose, feeling this wave of relaxation traveling through your body and up your arms…..your arms are feeling heavy and relaxed…..your shoulders are loose and relaxed with every breath you take, and your neck is feeling loose and relaxed…..feel the tension leaving your body as this wave of relaxing energy reaches your face and softens your cheeks and your brow…..

And when I say I want you to start to count silently to yourself, closing your eyes on odd numbers, and opening them on even numbers…, close,…..two, open…..three…..four…..five… you take over, counting silently to yourself…..beginning to feel wonderful all over now. Dissociated completely from what is going on, except for what I say…..and you will know that what I say is absolutely true and for your benefit…..and as I count backwards from five to one, you will be able to visualize yourself going down, as though in a lift, leaving behind ordinary surface thought…..and going deeper, and deeper, level by level as I count, until, at the count of one, you will be in a deep, pleasant, relaxed, hypnotic state…..feeling yourself easing down level by level, deeper and deeper with each count…..five…..deeper and deeper now…..four…..deeper still…..three…..much deeper now…..two…..deeper again……..and deeper still…..and you will know that what I say is absolutely, and undeniably true, and for your benefit, and you will be able now to reorganize your whole image of yourself.

Now you’re ready to plug in the suggestions, such as found in the HYPNOSIS article

Now we want to return  to a fully refreshed, conscious state :

Now as I count from one to five, you will begin to awaken, feeling energized and empowered to succeed……..beginning to awaken…..two…..feeling refreshed and waking up…..three…..breathing deeper, waking up…..four…..almost wide awake now…..five…..wide awake, opening your eyes, feeling totally refreshed.


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