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Let’s Get Started:


Dear Friend,

It’s the ultimate goal isn’t it, to still be a head turner in a bikini… Even after 1, 2, 3 or more children!


It may sound far fetched, unbelievable, impossible.

Maybe you’ve tried to get your body back before and failed. I can understand you might be skeptical.


But let me tell you, you must banish that skepticism now, because it’s keeping you from the bikini body of your dreams.


Why believe what I say?


Well, as the premier health & fitness professional in town, I have helped literally hundreds of moms, just like you claim their body back after kids.


In fact, some of my clients even look better than they did in their teens!


It’s not magic and it’s not rocket science. Just follow these 7 steps, and you too can have a hot bikini body – no matter how many kids you’ve had…


#1. Eating Right


When you’re pregnant you are literally eating for two. Problem is after the baby, sometimes old habits die hard. So It’s important you jump on nutrition before anything else.


What you should NOT do is diet. The human body wasn’t really designed for dieting. Your internal system works perfectly as it is, but dieting throws everything out of sync.


Not only is this dangerous, it also does not make for lasting results, because you simply can’t diet your whole life.


The secret is just eating right.


Getting into a good routine is crucial. For starters, commit to eating

SIX times a day! Doesn’t sound right if you’re trying to lose weight,

but actually, six times a day is the perfect number.


3 healthy snacks and 3 square meals.


With a routine like this you are never hungry (so you don’t overeat at main meals) and you’ll always have plenty of energy, making it easier to live your life… And exercise, which we’ll talk about next.


One big tip for making eating healthily easy is putting together a weekly meal plan.


With a plan you always know what you’re going to eat and when so you shouldn’t run short on food and need to get fast food, or cook unhealthy microwave meals.


Stick your plan somewhere where you’ll see it.


#2. Getting Physical


There’s a two-word phrase you should always remember when exercising and that is – progressive resistance.


It simply means making your workouts harder as your body adapts. If you don’t continue to push yourself then you’ll see results… But they’ll quickly plateau.


Every other week or so increase reps, reduce rest time add more weight or do anything else that makes you work harder.


You’ll continue to see results fast.


Another very important point about exercise, especially for

women is to make sure you are doing some form of weight



Most women jump back at the thought because weight training

sounds like something you do if you want to look like Arnold

Schwarzenegger. Most women obviously don’t.


That’s an extreme example of course. Done correctly, weight training is an excellent way to tighten and tone. More muscle increases your metabolism too so you burn fat and calories faster.


#3. The Habit of Healthy Living


The big secret to lasting health & fitness is consistency.


You can’t start and stop, you have to stick with it. That’s why many describe health & fitness as a “lifestyle.” You really need to live it. Make it a habit. Make it a hobby.


Anytime you give up you’re back to square one. And all that work will have been for nothing. Essentially it’s better you not start until you are 100% committed to getting the body and the health you deserve.


If you really want this, here’s an easy way to be consistent…




By the month, by the week, by the day. Whatever works for you. It’s important you put something in writing though. That really cements in your mind what your goals and what you need to do to achieve them.


Like I mentioned earlier, put together a meal plan to make sure you’re eating healthy.


And, put together a weekly exercise plan to make sure you’re sticking to your workouts.


The first month is always the hardest. But once you’re past that you’re on easy street because you will have pulled yourself into the health & fitness lifestyle.



#4. A Little Help From Your Friends


Arguably the best way to keep yourself motivated and committed to achieving that bikini body is with the help of friends.


Remember when you were younger, you’d do things because “everyone else was.”


Fact is, with friends getting fit becomes fun. That makes it easy to commit. And then there’s the accountability factor too. Which again, makes committing easy. Just as your friend won’t let you miss a workout, you won’t let them.


What if you don’t have any friends that care about their image?


Well, first of all I’d find that hard to believe. I’m sure there’ll be someone in your circle of friends dying to get a hot bikini body. Ask around.


But if not then you can always go online. There’s a website called where you can search for local walking, running, hiking, cycling, exercise, nutrition groups and more!


Or, you can go onto and place a free classified ad in your local area looking for an exercise partner.


Like I said, having someone who’ll do this with you is huge, so take action on this today. The sooner you do, the sooner that bikini body is yours.


#5. Staying Motivated


As we talked about, social support is an excellent way to stay motivated. Another great way is to keep the “why” you want to get in great shape top of your mind.


It could be the same for you; who is it you want to look great for… Yourself? Your husband? Your friends?


Or maybe it’s a health issue. Maybe you don’t feel 100% anymore. Or it might be even more extreme, and you want to make sure you live

long enough to see your kids graduation.


Whatever the case, think hard about what that motivator could be for

you. Remind yourself of it every day.


Write it down.


Or see if you can get a visual aid, like a poster of the “hot bod” you aspire to in your bedroom…


So every night you go to bed, and every morning when you wake up, you will see the point of all the exercise, and healthy living.


Better still, take weekly photo’s of yourself and track your results.


#6. Keeping a Diary


Results from journaling have been amazing!


USA Today for example, reported that just keeping a simple food diary can DOUBLE weight loss!


Those results are AMAZING!


And to think it’s from something so simple. You just have to write up about your health & fitness experiences at the end of each day.


The reason why I think journaling works so well is because you are re-affirming your goals, you review your progress and can plan ahead.


It gives you clarity, and a step-by-step way of achieving your results.


Journaling also makes you accountable. You’re not going to consistently write at the end of each day – “I did nothing to improve my health & fitness today” – because, frankly you have more pride than that.


It takes 15 minutes.


Try it.


#7. The Importance of Recovery


As you launch yourself into a new exercise regime, it’ll be a bit of shock to your system. That’s why it’s important to start slow, and allow for recovery.


If you do not, you can end up injuring yourself or tiring yourself out; and if you miss workouts because of that then you mess with consistency and essentially go back to square one.


There are 3 key ingredients for an effective recovery…


Hydration. Obviously you lose plenty of water when you work out, so be sure to re-hydrate after your workout. Plenty of water and drinks especially designed for post workout. Soft drinks like cola are not ideal because caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate more, leading to more fluid loss.


Protein. Protein shakes right after a work out are great because they help build and repair muscle. As we’ve discussed, muscle is an important factor for weight loss.


Rest. Lastly, recovery happens over time so make sure you rest-up. If you have an office job then morning work outs are great because you then get to sit on your butt all day, giving your body a chance to heal up. But if you have a physically demanding job, then maybe think about exercising after work.


Recovery is another key factor that you have to account for, and yet few do. Not many people will know to take a protein shake after exercise for example.


Now you do though, so no excuses.


What To Take Away From This Report:


The big secret now is taking action… You know what to do, and probably always did. Hopefully you’ll learned a few new tips in here to help you stay committed and stay focused.

Here’s all 7 action steps for you…


  1. Put together an exercise plan


  1. Put together a meal plan


  1. Commit to being consistent


  1. Get friends in on the act


  1. Find YOUR motivation


  1. Journal (track your results and plan forward)


  1. Allow for a full recovery


If you can make a start on them today, then I guarantee you, within a month or two you will be shocked by the results, and at how fast it is to actually get a hot mom bikini body when you really go for it.




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