What About Liability To The Company If One Of The Associates Gets Injured?

Because your associates are participating on a voluntary basis, and not on your company property, your company is the last party to be held liable. Shashido Enterprises is a fully insured business, as are it’s instructors. You have a much greater chance of having a future medical, or workers compensation claim at the office, than through injury at one of our classes.

What Sort Of Exercise Classes Are You Offering?

Outdoor exercise, in bootcamp format, probably with lots of other people participating. Check out our website: Place the curser on the “services” link, a drop-down menu appears. Click on the bootcamp link to find answers to all your questions about Shashido Bootcamp. Training is Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6.00am.

We have at least four people interested, so what do we do now?

Just contact Shashido Enterprises, either by phone : 0420 347 550 , or email:, to register their names. We will let you know when they can start, and full payment is required seven days before the program starts. Don’t forget your 25% discount. Your company may wish to sponsor the employees, either in full, or in part, or not at all, in which case the 25% discount still applies!! However, be advised that when something is promoted and paid for by the company, the associates are more encouraged to participate. They would much rather participate through an approved company arrangement, than to initiate it on their own.

We Appreciate The Opportunity You Have Given Us

Shashido Enterprises would like to thank you for taking your time to inquire about Shashido Enterprises Corporate Wellness Program. We are hopeful that you will see the value of this program, and the benefits it will provide to your company and to your associates. No matter what your decision, we appreciate the opportunity.

Thank You