Eating Fruit Makes You Fat?

I have to laugh at this. Every time. It’s ridiculous.

Have you ever been told that “fruit makes you fat“?

It is such a joke. I mean really, have you EVER met an obese person that got that way from too many bananas? I know that I’ve never seen a fat gorilla (and don’t they love bananas?) – or any other wild carb-loving animal that got fat from eating too much fruit.

The truth is that you don’t get fat from eating fruit. Ever.

So what carbs are bad?

Most folks don’t even realize that today’s modern wheat is TOTALLY different from the wheat our ancestors ate, or even the wheat your mom and grandma used to eat.

In fact, research is now showing that just two slices of whole wheat bread can increase blood sugar MORE than than 2 tablespoons of pure cane sugar.

That leads to belly fat.


1) Avoid all processed flour products, plus, avoid any whole-wheat products, too. It’s just not worth it because they just make you tired, bloated, and fat.

2) Most dairy products (like fruit at the bottom yogurt) and even almond milks are loaded with sugar (remember that “cane syrup” is a fancy way of saying sugar!) fillers, hidden chemicals, and poor quality protein.

Your best dairy sources are Cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt, but again, watch out for hidden sugars and preservatives in yogurt.

3) Go easy on roasted nuts…you still get fiber, BUT the roasting process basically destroys the “good” fats.



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