Conventional Wisdom Versus Smart Thinking

Conventional wisdom espouses the use of high[er] reps.
This mentality makes and keeps you sore, decreasing your force production, which is what burns calories.

Kettlebell truth espouses the use of lower reps and high force output. High force output uses lots of energy –  which is where your excess calories are burned.

Conventional wisdom chases fatigue.

Training to exhaustion becomes the standard by which  you measure a “good workout.”

Kettlebell truth acknowledges fatigue occurs, but seeks to manage it as best as possible.

This again allows for high force output, which is how you get stronger and do more work, which is how you use more energy (burn more calories).

Conventional wisdom chases quantity numbers, with very little regard for proper technique.

This usually leads to injury, which is the surest way to stop your fat loss dead in its tracks.

Kettlebell truth chases quality reps, where form is intact, making the body’s neural pathways stronger and  stronger.

This keeps workouts safe, and makes you strong, which again means you can do more work, which means you burn more calories, which you cannot do when you are injured.

Conventional wisdom throws together workouts with very little regard for how one exercise affects any other.

It’s just “work for work’s sake.”

Kettlebell truth designs programs, where each session’s exercises are designed to enhance each others performance.

This means that you actually get stronger throughout the workout, many times finishing on a high note, rather than feeling “destroyed.”

Conventional wisdom focuses on getting a “good workout.”

The workout itself becomes the goal, not the results the workout is supposed to produce. How short-sighted.

Kettlebell truth focuses on getting results through proper program design that respects the body’s adaptation  processes.

That way the results come naturally.

The Kettlebell Truth is, the crowd is always wrong.

Do the opposite of the herd.

Train for strength.

Train as explosively as possible.

Learn to manage your fatigue.

These are the principles that will get you strong.

These are the principles that will get you lean.

Ignore them at your own peril – to your own detriment.

When you’re tired of following the crowd and using “conventional wisdom” call me at Shashido Enterprises.
I’ll ensure you achieve your goals.

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