Shashido Enterprises continues to seek the highest standards in all areas of operations. The organization always anticipates that members would conduct themselves in an appropriate manner as a common practice. This document defines and identifies acceptable behavior, promotes high standards of practice, and establishes a framework for professional behavior and responsibilities. Shashido Enterprises is a professional organization, which has an obligation to it’s members, the general public, and the industry in general. It is our mission to promote healthier lifestyles, and to enhance the quality of life through physical fitness. We endeavor to provide quality programs and instruction. We further strive to instill in those we serve, an understanding of the value of physical fitness to their lives. In order to fulfill our mission, we pledge the following:

  • Trainers shall at all times have regard to basic human rights, compassion, respect for others, and shall avoid any actions that adversely affect such rights.
  • Trainers shall practice within the boundaries of their qualifications, and shall cause no harm to clients of physical or emotional injury.
  • Trainers shall practice with due care and diligence in accordance with the requirements of the client.
  • When training minors ( under 16 years of age ), the client must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and have permission to train.
  • Trainers must uphold client confidentiality.
  • Trainers must maintain accurate workout records for all clients.
  • Trainers must recognize their professional limitations, and be prepared to refer a client to other appropriate practitioners, as required.
  • Trainers shall uphold the reputation of the profession, and shall seek to improve professional standards through participation in personal development, and will avoid any action which will adversely affect the good standing of Shashido Enterprises.
  • Trainers shall seek to advance public knowledge, and to counter false or misleading statements, which are detrimental to the profession.
  • Trainers shall act with integrity toward fellow professionals, both within, and outside of our profession, with whom they are concerned in a professional capacity.
  • Trainers shall maintain professional skills to represent themselves at a professional standard, seeking to continue or maintain personal and professional development skills.
  • Trainers shall accept professional responsibility for their work.
  • Trainers shall not lay claim to any level of competence which they do not possess, or provide services, which are not within their professional competence.
  • Trainers should not make any kind of medical diagnosis of, or prescribe treatment for a client unless qualified to do so.
  • Trainers shall not provide adjustments or manipulations of the human skeletal structure, nor any other therapy, unless specifically licensed to do so.
  • Trainers shall have respect for the religious, political and social views of any individual, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Trainers shall at all times maintain high standards of hygiene, both personal, and in the work environment.
  • Trainers should not canvass or solicit clients of a colleague.
  • Trainers shall be fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity when working with clients.
  • Trainers shall endeavor to serve the best interests of the clients at all times, and to provide the highest quality service possible.
  • Trainers shall refrain from the use of any mind altering drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants prior to, or during professional sessions.
  • Trainers shall always dress in a professional manner, wearing Shashido Enterprises uniform when delivering professional services.
  • Trainers shall strive to project a professional image for themselves, Shashido Enterprises, and the profession in general.
  • Trainers shall practice honesty in advertising, promote their services ethically, and practice and/or advertise only those skills for which they have received adequate training and/or certification.

This code sets out certain basic principles that are intended to help members maintain the highest standards of professional conduct. All members must accept professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities, in order to protect themselves and the public’s interest. Should a case arise where a member is in breach of the Code of Conduct, Shashido Enterprises has the right to terminate a trainer’s membership, and terminate any existing business relationship as a  private contractor working with, or for, Shashido Enterprises.


Shane  Shiels, Owner, Shashido Enterprises


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