Code of Behaviour


1. Wear appropriate footwear–no thongs/sandals

2. Wear appropriate clothing ( Shashido t-shirt, shorts or leotard etc )

3. Don’t be late for the warm-up

4. Don’t leave equipment on the floor when not in use

5. No jewelry

6. No smoking

7. No food or drink in training room, except water bottle

8. No swearing

9. No alcohol before training

10. No fooling around. Always train diligently to avoid accidents

11. Use deodorants

12. Keep fingernails/toenails short

13. Respect your training area

14. Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of every human being

15. Refrain from any form of harassment

16. Compete against yourself, and not with others

17. Instructor MUST be present while training

18. Stay safe–monitor your response to exercise

19. Bring your drinking water and a towel

20. Enjoy yourself!


** If you have an issue with any of the above, please discuss with Shane. For example, he understands that some people make a vow to a loved one never to remove their jewelry.