Athletes all over the world love AND hate this one exercise that you can do anywhere at any time.

In fact, this one exercise ALONE works well over 639 muscles in only 3 seconds, which is why Hollywood celebrities rely on this one exercises to strip away fat faster than any other exercise.

It’s something you can do without ever going to the gym or picking up any weights. Even if you think you’re stuck at a certain size or plateau, once you put this ONE move into your program, you’re guaranteed to get out of the “stuck” and into the best shape of your life in about 28 days. Did you know you can burn up to 62 calories in just 5 minutes using this one powerful exercise?

This one exercise has been hailed by the best fitness experts in the world as the most challenging bodyweight exercise EVER created. If there was one exercise you could only do for the rest of your life, that would make you lean, keep your entire body strong and in athletic condition this exercise would be it. You could get shredded on it alone.

…the burpee.
Quite frankly, most people are doing one of the following:

1) Not using this powerful exercise enough
2) Using this powerful exercise TOO MUCH
3) Not strategically using it in their workouts

There’s a 95% chance you’re falling into one of these categories.

You’re about to fix that. But first…

Why Is This ONE Exercise So Powerful?

Let’s first see what Martin Gibala, the chairman of the department of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario says about the burpee…

“It builds muscles. It builds endurance.”

Enough said, right? Needless to say, when asked his opinion on the single best exercise, he also suggested the burpee.

So why do they work so well?… and won’t you burn out doing just burpees?

Let’s look at the first part – why they do get you such fast results.

Because you’re moving so quickly and getting up and down, you’re performing high intensity interval training (also known as HIIT). With the push-up and jump squat, you’re incorporating muscular strength training and muscular endurance.

It’s a 3 for 1 exercise that only takes 3 seconds to perform.

You can find a ton of burpee workout ideas by checking the drop-down menu under ‘workouts’ in the navbar.

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