Bujindo – pronounced boo-jin-doh is a Japanese word meaning “way of the warrior”. It is a system of self defence developed by Shane Shiels. Clients will learn kickboxing AND filipino eskrima, AND other elements of mixed martial arts.

Although for some people it is just a sport, the ‘DO’ in the word bujindo suggests a higher degree of aspiration than just learning how to hurt someone.

In fact, the primary goal is to improve one’s character to the extent of achieving a high degree of self control. Therefore, it should be a way of life, an eternal search for perfection.

You must realize that the real opponent is yourself. Perseverance develops patience, which promotes dedication. Setting yourself small goals to achieve within a certain time will facilitate the learning process.

The Bujindo exponent shuns violence, and will use his skills only in defence of himself and his loved ones.

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