Who else wants to lose up to 8 kilos of unsightly fat in only 8 weeks?


Registrations are now open for the first SHASHIDO Beach Body Boot Camp!

Now you can finally get the beach body you’ve always wanted in a fun, playful environment.

With other people who have the same goals. No complicated exercise equipment.


  • Boost energy higher than ever, you’ll feel the difference from day 1
  • Rev up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine 24 hrs a day!
  • Learn the secrets of meal frequency and timing that will dramatically increase your body’s ability to burn fat and keep it off forever!
  • Reshape your body, build tight & toned muscles, and look better than than ever before!
  • Renew your self confidence — finally feel comfortable at the beach in your new shapely figure



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*Don’t worry if you can’t start then, you can actually start whenever you want*

Yes, that’s right. We can adjust your program accordingly.

CLASSES : Monday, Wednesday, Friday at  6.00AM – 7.00AM  and 7.15 – 8.15AM

                  Tuesday and Thursday – same time, if you can’t attend on the other days

                  Saturday  7.30AM – 8.30AM

Look at the price schedules page. Choose to pay for either a 3 day a week program or a 2 day a week program.

Please pre-pay, as we must start the session on time. It’s a good idea to come 10-15 minutes early if you need to discuss anything.

for price schedules click here

Shane Shiels has always had a passion for helping those who are determined to help themselves. Whether it’s losing weight, regaining health, becoming fitter or stronger, he puts his money where his mouth is. That’s why he is offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with your results.


What is Shashido Bootcamp?

Shashido Bootcamp is either a 4, 6, 8, or 12 week program of training ideally held outdoors, except in colder months. People often ask me how long it takes to achieve reasonable goals, and I always reply that you should allow 12 weeks to achieve good results. The cost is tiered so that you save a lot of money by prepaying the whole 12 week course. Otherwise, simply prepaying monthly, but remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed offer in place. Clients are constantly motivated, and fun is had by all. Bootcamp consists of calisthenics, running, walking, and usage of equipment such as medicine balls, punching mitts, 1kg dumbells, focus pads, kick pads, cables, therabands, etc. The goal is to stimulate your metabolism to burn off fat, while improving cardio fitness, flexibility, muscle strength and tone. Women shouldn’t be concerned about building masculine muscles, it won’t happen, but you will look and feel better as the weeks progress, and your clothing size should quickly reduce.

 Do I Need To Be Fit?

Definitely not! These classes are primarily designed for the unfit person. However, on the first day we assess fitness, and there is always a variation in fitness levels, but each client can go at their own pace–the superfit will be encouraged to do a lot more work, while us lesser mortals follow a progressive program designed to achieve our goals by bootcamp’s end. Please rest assured that you are welcome at Shashido Bootcamp regardless of your level of fitness, and that you are not alone. You will meet like-minded people, and everyone is encouraged to support one another.

How Will You Know What My Fitness Level Is?

Firstly, you can fill in the “health Questionnaire” and “Client Profile” forms online. Look under the “Documents” tab high up on the Homepage. Answering these questions will provide me with a lot of insight. But, beyond that, the fitness appraisal is on day one of bootcamp. Don’t worry, it’s very easy. You don’t need to wear yourself out.

What Types of Exercises and Activities Will I Be Doing?

This question is answered in the first question in this section. Furthermore, consecutive  workouts are always different. For example, Monday might focus on strength, Wednesday on cardio, Friday on combining both. The following week is different. For example, Monday might be cardio, Wednesday combo, Friday strength. The following week will be different again, as there is still a different “cycle” available, and after that we commence the 3 week cycle again. We always start with a warmup, graduating into light cardio, and by now your body is fully ready for some very intense effort–this is where you should put out as best you can because most of your results will come from this 20 minute high intensity section, promoting the fat burning process for hours afterwards. Strength work will be performed to some degree every day, probably lower body one day, and upper body next day, but on primary strength day, both upper and lower. Tummy muscles will always be exercised every workout, and your “tush” will probably be trained every workout. Finally, you will always finish with a Cool-down period of at least 5 minutes to relax the mind and stretch out the muscles. Please always remember that no-one will force you to perform at a level you can’t handle. Instructor’s job is only to guide, motivate, and praise you if your effort warrants praise, so feel welcome to train at your own pace.

Will The Exercises I Do At Shashido Bootcamp Make Me Sore?

If exercise is a new activity for you, as it is for most, then you should expect some soreness after the workout, especially the next day. That’s why it’s wise to go for a gentle walk the next day, to loosen up those untrained muscles, you’ll be surprised how better you feel for the next workout. The Cool-down at the end of your session is designed to minimize the degree of soreness attained, but always remember that some soreness following an exercise session tells you that the workout was productive–you got your money’s worth. Don’t worry, your muscles adapt very quickly to working out, and never lose sight of those wonderful achievements waiting to be claimed by boot camp’s end.

How Long Before I Can See Results In The Mirror?

We all like to check our progress in the mirror, but the problem is we expect too much too soon and become discouraged. The mirror is a good tool, but used too often is unwise. So how about selecting a day once a week, same time each week, and preferably just before you get on the scales ( you should do this no more than once weekly also ), and preferably around the same time before breakfast each week. Now regarding your question, expect at least two weeks to go by before any appreciable result is noted. I can tell you that the scale will reveal more than the mirror right away. Scales don’t lie, whereas you need a somewhat trained eye to subjectively appraise your body transformation initially. I prefer to go by how your clothes feel. Obviously, the more fat you are carrying at the start of the program, the bigger the initial losses, and therefore the easier it is to see results. Into the third week you should now be seeing results, not only in the mirror and scales, but your performances in workouts should be going gangbusters–improvements in all areas of fitness.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect To Achieve?

The biggest achievement is the sense of satisfaction from accomplishing the goals you set for yourself in the beginning. Your body will become toned, stronger, and fitter, which allows you to enjoy life with vastly higher energy levels. You will have learn’t to control stress through exercise. Bodyfat should reduce an absolute minimum of 0.5kg per week by the end of the program ( remember your bodyweight fluctuates throughout the day, and unfortunately on some weigh-in days we hold some excess water for various reasons. But, by program’s end the results should be there if you have followed the dietary advice. Centimetres of unsightly fat will literally melt away, allowing the trimmer, toned new you to shine through. Consequently, your dress size should reduce 1 or 2 sizes too. In addition to all that, you meet like-minded people, make lot’s of new friends and have heaps of fun.

How Often Do We Meet For Shashido Bootcamp?

We meet three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5.45AM. The workout starts promptly at 6.00am at ( TO BE ANNOUNCED ). Parking is available . Sessions last 60 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down. Please be ready to start at 6.00AM, as we must start promptly.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Water bottle is vital; exercise mat if you have one, running shoes, towel, headband, etc. You can bring any of your own equipment if you like–dumbells ( 1-2kg hand weights ), cables, therabands, etc. It’s a good idea to wear layered clothing so you can discard as you get warm. Male clients please note that a bare chest is not allowed as sweat will shower the ladies training alongside you–a tank top or t-shirt is fine. You will all receive a free bootcamp T-shirt soon.

What Types of People Gain The Most From Shashido Bootcamp?

Hey, you know what? It all comes down to attitude. If you are determined to see the program through to the end, and follow the dietary guidelines, have a willingness to nurture patience while your mind and body acclimatizes to the rigours of exercise, and never forget your goals, then your resolve will take you all the way to the end. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or bodyshape etc. Just bring a little determination, and feed off all the positive energy that surrounds you, as like- minded people do as you do.

Can I try out the camp before I commit to full registration?

No, but don’t be alarmed, as we have a 100% client satisfaction guarantee in place. If, after participating in all workout sessions, and following our nutritional guidelines, you are not completely satisfied with your results by bootcamp’s completion, we will refund your entire investment in our training program.

Do you have a refund policy?


  • If you are unable to attend camp due to circumstances beyond your control, we will give you a full refund if you notify us at least one full week prior to your session start date.
  • If you are unable to attend camp due to circumstance beyond your control, and notify us less than one full week prior to your session start date, we will provide you with a refund, less $50 cancellation fee, because we are not able to give your spot to someone else at this late date.
  • If we are notified of your inability to attend after your session begins, we can give you a credit towards another bootcamp at a later date.

       Do you guarantee results?

Yes. Shashido Enterprises is fully committed to your success! And our promise to you is simple: participate at all sessions and follow our nutritional guidelines, and we guarantee you will look and feel better by completion of bootcamp, or we’ll refund your entire investment in our training program.

What happens when the bootcamp ends?

If you like, you can enroll in the next camp, there is no waiting period, as one camp immediately follows the other, and keep progressing. Most people will choose this option after seeing how much fun this is, how motivational and supportive the environment is, and how comparatively inexpensive it is for the value you get. Nothing compares to Shashido bootcamp for the life changing, body transforming results achieved, in the shortest time. And should you choose to re-enroll we will welcome you with open arms! Rest assured that if you do choose to sign up for another camp, because of the “progressive programming” we provide, you will always be challenged, and always be moving forward, getting ever increasing results, with a trimmer, toned, and fitter body.

How much does Shashido Bootcamp cost?

The length of a bootcamp may vary throughout the year. Prices for the following camps are:

4 week camp: $240        6 week camp: $330        8 week camp: $410        12 week camp: $610

Am I Going To Be Hungry All The Time?

No. Eating 5 – 7 times daily, while trying to minimize simple carb’s in the evening, with plenty of protein and fibre, should keep you feeling full.

Is There A Risk Of Rebound Weight Gain After The Program?

No. Not unless you’ve been naughty, and discarded the eating guidelines. Your coach will be teaching you the diet and lifestyle skills to maintain your new body permanently.

What If I Have A Lot Of Weight To Lose?

It doesn’t matter if you’re bigger than ‘the biggest loser’ TV contestants. The Shashido method will show you how to build a body to be proud of, vibrant and powerful. We’ll help you create a new lifestyle to support your goals, so it doesn’t matter how heavy you are at the start. All you need is patience and perseverance, because obviously, it’ll take longer to reach your ideal weight.

Will This Program Work For Older Folks?

Yes. Because you aren’t in competition with anybody else, you can go at your own pace. If any exercise is too hard at first, there is always an easier substitute. You’ll increase your pain – free range of motion, and your functional movement with the innovative mobility and flexibility exercises in the program.

Is This A Women – only Boot camp?

No. Both sexes are always welcome.

I Am Unable To Train For 8 Weeks. Can I Train For A Shorter Period?

Yes. You can select either 4 or 6 weeks, and I’ll adjust your program accordingly.

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