Benefits of RBT

As far as functional strength training goes, resistance bands are a superior training tool.

1. Resistance bands are very portable – weigh virtually nothing, and take up very little space

2. Multi-vector driver – unlike weights, resistance bands offer resistance along vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and rotational vectors, while maintaining a standing, ground based position.

3. Resistance bands allow strengthening exercises to easily become flexibility exercises.

4. Increasing power is easier with RBT. Increasing speed of reps increases power, but doing this with weights is much harder.

5. Training in multiple planes of motion impacts the entire muscle to create longer, leaner, and functionally stronger muscles.

6. RBT circuit intervals train the whole body, and burn 30% more calories than most machine based circuits, because you are recruiting a lot more muscle fibre in multi joint movements, while having to work through the entire range of motion

7. Best method to teach you to control deceleration. Why? Because bands elastic properties speed up deceleration on all exercises.

8. Resistance bands are the best tool for improving deceleration skill – remember that 95% of injuries are the result of poor deceleration.

9. RBT trains muscle integration versus isolation, minimizing the risk of creating muscle imbalances and subsequent injury.

10. Bands can be used as assistance tools for people who struggle with bodyweight exercises, like squats, push-ups,lunges and pull-ups.

11. Multi-directional RBT never let’s your muscles fully adapt to the intensity, regardless if they are the stabilizer, or the primary mover.

12. Eliminates the intimidating weight room atmosphere, as machines and other tools aren’t needed.

13. RBT saves time – no loading/unloading weights.

14. Resistance bands can be used with weights for explosive reactive power and metabolic conditioning.

15. Older adults can use RB’s with lighter weights, producing less stress on the joints, but still great functional strength.