Back-To-School Fat Loss Challenge

 Who Else Wants To Lose Up To 10kg In The Next 10 Weeks…GUARANTEED?


The annual Back-to-School Fat Loss Transformation Challenge is a fun and friendly competition among our members to see who can make the most drastic body composition and fitness improvements over the course of 10 weeks.


Winners will be selected in 6 categories:

  1. Weight Loss*
  2.  Body Fat % Loss*
  3.  Muscular Strength/Endurance Gain*
  4.  Cardiovascular Endurance Gain*
  5.  Overall Local Winner*
  6.  Overall Online Winner


*Must be a member of Shashido Beach Body Boot Camp


To be eligible to win, participants must complete the pre and post-challenge pictures and measurements, as well as provide a written testimonial by the due date.  The pictures and testimonial will be used for both competition judging purposes AND present and future Shashido Enterprises program promotions.


Important Challenge Dates:  (To Be Announced )

  • Super-Early Bird Registration Ends:
  • Early Bird Registration Ends:
  • Registration Deadline:
  • Pre-challenge Pictures & Measurements:
    • Online participants must mail pictures and measurements on or AFTER this day
      • Pictures must be taken while holding that days newspaper
  • Challenge Start Date:
  • Challenge End Date:
  • Post-challenge Pictures & Measurements:
    • Online Participants must mail pictures and measurements on or AFTER this day
      • Pictures must be taken while holding that days newspaper
  • Post-challenge Testimonial Due:
    • Online participants must mail testimonial on this day
  • Winners Revealed:



I,                                              , clearly understand the above terms required to be eligible to win any of the categories in the 2013 Back-to-School Transformation Challenge.





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“Who Else Wants to Get Amazing Results and

Have Some Kick-Ass Fun Doing It?


Join Us for the 2017 Shashido Enterprises Revolutionary

Back-to-School Transformation Challenge


Register by ( To Be Announced )

Transform Your Body.  Get Cool Prizes.



  1. Most Weight Lost
  2. Most Body Fat % Lost
  3. Most Improved Muscular Strength/Endurance
  4. Most Improved Cardiovascular Endurance
  5. Overall Local Champion (Shashido Beach Body Boot Camp Member)
  6. Overall Online Champion

Once we have a better idea of the number of participants, we’ll get more details out about exact times and structure for doing the assessments.


For now, just know that the assessments will be:

  • Weight via a Scale
  • Circumference Measurements via Tape Measure
  • Body fat via 7-site Skinfold Test
  • Muscular Strength/Endurance via Push-up Test
  • Cardiovascular Endurance via 1-mile Walk/Run


Winners will be chosen based on IMPROVEMENT.  So, if you go from doing 1 push-up to 2 push-ups you improved 100%.  If you go from doing 8 push-ups to 10 push-ups you improved 25%.  As you can see, it’s not about who’s the strongest or most fit.  It’s about who IMPROVES the most.


With that being said, we’re all on the honor system – NO SANDBAGGING!


P.S. – I’ve specifically designed the workouts during the challenge to improve the areas we’ll be focusing on.


P.P.S. – Join me.  Have some fun.  Get awesome results no matter what.  REGISTER TODAY!


Back-to-School Fat Loss Transformation Challenge Pre and PostMeasurements

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Lean Mass
Fat Mass
Body Fat %
Lean Mass %
Fat Mass %
Upper Arm

(AMAP in 60s)   Front Pillar

(Max time)   Wall Sit

(Max time)   Sit & Reach


My Challenge Goal


I am so happy and grateful now that                                                                                              




I do this by