Avoid Excessive Cardio

People have been lead to believe that long cardio sessions will help you get a flat, sexy midline. To a certain extent, this is actually true, as I used to train this way back in the days when I was reducing from 79kg, to 60kg. Sure, I reduced my waistline, but I also sacrificed all of my hard- earned muscle mass. I did some treadmill, but I primarily jogged for hours each week, while reducing my calories way too much. I had been a State champion powerlifter, and I will always remember a conversation I had with the 90kg state champ at the time ( this was many years ago ) when he said I should give up the marathon running, and return to powerlifting because it was such a shame I lost all that strength. I’ll never forget that.

Try interval training. It’s much more effective for reducing belly fat, and you don’t lose as much muscle. Clinical tests have proven this.


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