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We All Want Peak Fitness!

Peak fitness will be achieved if we train all facets of fitness. Do you notice how the bootcamp fitness classes have become so popular? It’s because of all the cross-training. There is a wide variety of training concepts to utilize, such as speed training, agility work, strength training with dumbbells, kettlebells, clubs, sandbags, etc. Cardiovascular fitness using bodyweight, park benches, skipping ropes, rubber cables, stairways, uphill, downhill, and so on. People love variety because it stimulates motivation to pursue exercise. Well, this brings me to the point of this article. Newcomers to an exercise regime wouldn’t realize this, but all serious athletes and sportspersons are fully aware of the necessity to participate in a year round conditioning program to supplement their sport. To achieve absolute peak fitness we need to consider all nine major components of fitness:

1. Cardiovascular endurance, defined as the hearts ability to supply blood to working muscles, and their ability to use it. This is the most important component, as it enhances everything else.

2. Local muscle endurance, defined as a single muscles ability to perform sustained work.

3. Strength endurance, defined as a muscles ability to repeatedly perform a maximum contracture.

4. Power, defined as the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly and explosively.

5. Strength, defined as a muscles ability to exert force against resistance.

6. Agility, defined as the ability to perform repetitive explosively powerful movements in opposing directions.

7. Balance, which is the ability to control your body’s position, whether stationary or mobile.

8. Flexibility, referring to the range of movement in or around a joint, or a series of joints.

9. Coordination, which is the ability to integrate all of the components so that effective movements are achieved.

The key to achieving peak fitness is to surpass your comfort zone regularly. For example, it’s so easy to cruise day after day at a comfortable pace jogging, swimming, bicycling, or whatever, and before you know it months have passed with no real improvement. This is where a personal trainer or a strength and conditioning coach is invaluable. We know how to achieve optimum results in minimum time-safely! You must use periodization principles to avoid overtraining not only your body, but also the mind. Too many intense workouts without some easy ones interspersed will deflate your motivation very quickly.

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