? = 80% of Your Fat Loss Results

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The funny thing is, many people are stumped as to why they can kill themselves with their workouts – especially KBs and all the hype surrounding them (they are awesome) and still not see results.


Because for one reason or another – ignorance or self- delusion – they really don’t know – or they have and idea or choose believe, hope against hope that it’ll work or, it’s the truth – they think that the workouts are the THE  thing that makes them lose weight (fat).

Because fat loss, after you get your personal situation assessed, and your desire fixed, starts in the kitchen.

That’s right, 80% or more of your results, or lack of  results when it comes to fat loss, results from the foods you eat or don’t eat, and to a lesser extent, when you  eat them.

Now you can kick, shout, scream and fuss all you want to that’s this isn’t true or it’s not fair, but it doesn’t matter how you feel about it – this is THE TRUTH.

That’s why people can go on short-term diets and lose a ton of weight without exercising.

Why is this the case?

Because the foods you eat determine your hormone  profiles -how your hormones are operating – or how  close to baseline they’re operating.

(At the end of the day it almost always comes down to how your hormones are working or not working.)

For example, we know that eating higher carbohydrate meals releases insulin, which is a powerful “growth” hormone. Sure, it’ll help you grow muscle, but it’ll
also help grow fat cells and increase fat storage.

That’s why one of the popular ways to get rid of body fat is to remove carbs from the diet.

And yeah, this works, for awhile.

Another example of hormones working against your fat loss is when you stay on a low carb/no carb plan for too long.

Your body actually stops producing enough of your  thyroid hormones to keep your metabolism elevated, so  your metabolism slows down to a crawl, making the once amazing fat loss you experienced virtually nonexistent.

Yet another example is the “bump” in accelerated fat loss results that you get from “cheat” meals – again, hormone mediated.

This time, it’s leptin, which regulates appetite.

Severely cut back on calories or carbs, and your leptin levels drop, which signals a decrease in fat-burning.

This explains why you can be on a severely restricted diet and see some great results for the first week or two, but then your results slow to a crawl.

In fact, even eating certain kinds of “healthy” foods can alter your hormonal profile and shut down your  fat burning hormones – foods like soy, some other  “modern” health foods, and of course, today’s  “frankenfoods.”

So, you see, your body has plenty of mechanisms to  either burn or store fat, and almost all of them are food related – how much and what kind virtually dictate
whether the fat is going to peel off you or pile on you, KB workouts or not.

So that begs the question: What then is the TRUE role of KBs?

Well if you think of your metabolism as a fire, and the food you eat as the fuel for the fire, then your KB workouts should be like gasoline. They make your fire burn more rapidly. (And in cases where you actually pour gas on your fire – explode.)

So, bottom line is this:

If you’re not going to change your eating habits – if they’re “dirty” and you know it – don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll be able to out work a trashy diet  and magically burn of that fat.

You can however, optimize other areas of your life to balance out your hormones to the best of your ability.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night so your body can rest, recover, and regenerate.

As far as getting the most out of your training program – set it up in to at least start to balance out your hormones  from the training end.

Train heavy – strength first and foremost and then train explosively.

Alternate days.

Pick big exercises which use a lot of that energy your storing as fat – exercises like the Clean and Press or the Clean and Jerk.

Or the Double Swing. Or even the Double Snatch.


Because you will improve glucose and insulin sensitivity,which is very common among the overweight, and is one of the reasons you are overweight.

This means training heavy and explosively helps your body use the sugar it is receiving from your diet more efficiently, so there’s less chance for storing it as fat.

What program should you use?

Use one that isn’t too hard to implement, one that doesn’t have you changing your life upside down, and is easy to follow, yet yields superior results.

Your body uses sugar and fat for fuel.

So if you’re not going to change your diet, at least put yourself kin a position where you can make your muscles work on a daily basis to burn off at least some of that extra stored energy.

But more importantly, two things will happen:

You will refine your technique so you get more – can put more effort and get more out of your actual training days –


When you actually do decide to take your eating seriously you’re body will already be partially primed to optimize your diet and training program – because you will have started teaching it how to use sugar again and will  have started the hormone re-balancing process.

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