7 Worst Foods For Your Joints

Inflamed joints are very painful, so eliminating, or at least reducing certain foods may be an effective way to eliminate much of this pain.

These foods may not be the actual source of the joint pain, but intake of these items could severely worsen inflammation around the joints.

Here are the 7 worst foods for your joints :


Sugar causes inflammation. The resulting blood sugar spikes stress the immune system, and contribute to added inflammation.


Table salt does not actually cause inflammation, but it does cause bloating, which may make inflammation more pronounced.

Try to minimize packaged or tinned food, which is laden with extra salt. stick to fresh produce wherever possible.


Gluten is a type of protein that is found in rye, wheat and barley.

Many people do not tolerate gluten contained food, and suffer various reactions, including joint pain.


This neuro-toxin is used by food companies to ‘enhance’ food. Added to many condiments, spices, cereals, soups, etc. MSG also causes you to over-eat. It causes swollen and painful joints, difficulty with certain movements, headaches, slurred speech, memory loss, and fatigue.


Found in animal products – whole milk, butter, cheese, red meat, etc. Avoid processed foods, biscuits, cream, etc.


Used to prolong shelf life of foods, and are often referred to as partially hydrogenated oils. These cause atheroschlerosis, and should be totally avoided. Joint inflammation is a well documented symptom.


They’re in almost everything, these days. The nutritional component of these foods has been severely compromised, or entirely removed when grains are processed and refined. This means the naturally occurring germ and bran, which are the main nutritional contributors of the grain, have been removed.

Consuming refined carbohydrates increases the occurrence of compounds in the body that support inflammation.

Use whole grain, or whole wheat options,  and brown rice.

A good plan can include gradually reducing the intake of these 7 foods to gain relief from joint pain, while including wholesome fresh produce, uncooked, wherever possible


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