Some Great Exercises For Great Results

“We are what we REPEATEDLY do. Excellence, then, is not  an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

So if you’re going to the gym to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes while watching TMZ, you’re going to look like someone who goes to the gym and walks on the treadmill for 30 minutes while watching TMZ.


I LOVE training. You should, too. It’s nature’s best remedy against depression, anxiety and quite frankly, it’s the best stress reliever in all the land.

It kicks ANY prescription’s butt for stress and depression and it’s  way more natural… yet we don’t use it enough.

But when it comes to specific exercises for fat loss?…… well, some are obviously better than others.

Since I started training clients back in 2006, I’ve discovered that some exercises “outperform” others when it comes to fat loss.

There’s no surprise that the “harder” exercises are what get  you the best results.

You won’t get lean and chiseled with 30-minute cardio sessions and some sit-ups.

Here’s a quick “go-to” list when it comes to fat loss exercises…



Lying Hip Extensions/1-Leg Hip Extensions = Great for beginners

Variety of Lunges

Step-ups and *Lateral Step-ups

Romanian Deadlifts

1-Leg Romanian Deadlifts = LOVE these

Glute Bridge

Stability Ball Leg Curls <= Don’t underestimate this exercise for your



*Lateral Step-ups… I’d like to see this more often. They are great for working your hips.

DON’T do those silly “Inner/Outer Thigh” machines.


Deadlifts win here again

Snatch Grip Deadlift = Even better for the back

DB Rows

DB Chest-Supported Row = Great for upper back



Suspension Rows

Inverted Rows

High Pulls

Upper Back

This muscle group is what gets ignored in most workout programs, yet if you work behind a desk for ANY amount of time, you should NEVER ignore your upper back muscles.

Bent-Over Rear Lateral Raise



DB Chest-Supported Rows = Extra credit for overhand grip


Variety of DB Chest Presses

Cable Chest Press

DB Squeeze Press (keep the dumbbells pressed together with your palms facing each other… good times)

Variety of *Pushups

*If your fat loss program doesn’t have pushups, I feel horrible for you.


TRX Fallout

Stability Ball Rollouts

Ab Wheel Rollouts

Stability Ball Jackknife

Mountain Climbers

X-Body Mountain Climbers = Try this with your feet elevated

Spiderman Climb


Variety of Planks

DB/Cable/Bodyweight Chops

KB Swings = Say what? You bet… keep your abs braced HARD during

this move and you’ll work your abs harder than any crunch

1-Arm DB Incline Chest Press = Say what again? Yep. Do 6-8 reps per

side on this and feel your abs work harder than ever.

Conditioning Exercises

KB/DB Swings

Jumping Jacks

Jump Rope

Bench Vault

Skater Hops

Sprints (all varieties)

Bodyweight Squats


Lunge Jumps

Switch Lunge

High-Rep Chops

TRX Squat and Row Combo

Box or Bench Jumps

Jump Squats

Broad Jump

Total Body Extension = BEST Non-impact exercise EVER

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