1. Eat a high – fibre breakfast

Choose low glycaemic-index foods, as they digest more slowly, and without spiking insulin levels, thus keeping your blood sugar level stabilized, and your energy higher for a longer period.

2. Stay hydrated

Even mild dehydration drains your energy. Stay hydrated for optimum efficiency of all metabolic processes.

3. Exercise for 10 minutes

California State Uni scientists found that a brisk walk out in fresh air boosts your energy for two hours. Spending 20 minutes a day outside will increase your vitality, too.

4. Eat plenty of magnesium

Almonds, cashews, halibut, spinach, soybeans, and pumpkin seeds are good sources.

5. Early to bed, early to rise

Don’t wait until you are ‘over-tired’ before going to bed, as it will affect your energy the next morning. The rule of thumb is 7 – 8 hours of sleep before arising, preferably around sunrise.

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