5 Shocking Truths

1. You Don’t Need To Train 60+ minutes Every Single Day

The length of time you spend working out is NOT the most important factor to get sexy results — its the intensity and amount of work you get done in the time you have.

You see, training time is not like a bank savings account. The old thought is, the more you invest and accumulate, the greater return. (Sure, it was a much greater before 2008 happened…)

Exercise doesn’t work like that.

You need to maximize the afterburn effect, which is the time post workout where you continue burning calories while your body is recovering. The best way to do this is to boost your workout intensity.

If you go hard and bring your “A” game, a short workout will feel more like hours of training!

2. Recovery is Essential

When you train hard, the recovery time is just as important as your workout itself.

You see, what you do in between your workouts will impact your results and ability to perform.

How can you speed up recovery?

=> Serious rest and minimal stress. It might sound too simple, but resting, unplugging and chilling out are harder than ever.

Do you find yourself checking emails every 5 minutes?

Tempted to spy on Facebook again?

Avoid it… While you’re on a roll, turn off the TV and other electronic devices.

Unplugging from technology is just like breaking a sugar addiction… (It’s called a crackberry for a reason!)

You will have cravings, but you need to unwind and escape for at least a solid hour every day.

Here are 4 more tips to help your body recovery quickly between workouts:

– Daily foam rolling of the tight spots, stretching and mobility work

– Eat nutritious whole foods

– Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol

– Get 8 hours of quality sleep every night

3. Average Workouts Are Not Good Enough

STOP settling for normal and be awesome. Totally freakin awesome.

Ask yourself this: did you give every rep, every set and every movement your best effort in your workout today? Or did you hold back?

Listen, I know you can do better. You’re not giving 100% every workout.

You can’t hold back. I’ve been guilty of this too, until I trained with the legendary Martin Rooney who taught me the importance of focus in my workout.

Since training with Martin, I make it a point when I workout, that I focus ONLY on my workout. You see, when you’re not laser focused on your training, you don’t give your best effort.

No music, no iPhones, no mindless chit chat, no distractions.

Let me be honest – it was really tough initially. People at the gym probably think I’m a snob for not chatting between sets… (Not that I care what they think).

Being present is really powerful, and helps to maximize your time. Now I can see the difference not only in my training, but improved my focus in other areas of my life.

The truth is, being distracted, watching TV talk shows or reading a newspaper while “working out” will not get you results.

4. Fancy Equipment Is NOT Necessary

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy machines to get fast, fat loss results.

With a combination of bodyweight and dumbbells as resistance, you CAN transform your body, as long as you follow a program and progress the movements.

The latest and greatest workout gadget might be a fun addition to spice up your training, but it will not get you magical results.

5. Fat Loss Workouts are Tough

This is a big secret no one is telling you. Getting results is bloody hard work.

Fat loss workouts are not supposed to be easy. It’s not like a Sunday afternoon bike ride with Grandma, or a slow walk in the park. If you find yourself feeling comfortable during a fat loss workout, you’re doing something wrong.

– Lungs on fire? Check.

– Muscles screaming? Check.

– You feel like stopping? Check.

But you have to push yourself to keep going. One move at a time. Remember, this is only temporary.

Stay consistent and you will get results. Sexy results.

Train hard, and keep on rocking it!


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