5 Reasons To Avoid A Low-Salt Diet

Everyone knows that salt is bad for you.

Eating salt increases your blood pressure and leads
to hypertension.

But what if I told you that everything you heard
about salt and sodium is just another nutrition lie?

I know this is hard to believe…

After all, every health institution, nutritionist and fitness
website under the sun tells you to avoid salt.

But the truth is that the guidelines on salt from the Therapeutic Goods Administration ( TGA ) are too low, and even downright dangerous if you exercise a lot.

Your body NEEDS salt to be healthy.

Even worse — if you eat a very low salt diet, you’re setting
yourself up for:

  •  Increased insulin resistance
  •  Increased blood triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and
    stress hormones
  •  Increased risk of stroke and heart attack
  •  Increased arterial plaque formation
  •  Overtraining – like symptoms including hypertension
    and sleeping disorders

Salt is simply NOT the enemy for 99% of people.

(The only reason you’d want to watch your salt intake very
closely is if you have specific renal or kidney problems,
or osteoporosis.)

HOWEVER, not all salts are created equal –far from it.

Always try to avoid common refined salt (table salt), and
use unrefined salt instead.

Refined salt contains 97.5% sodium, the rest being a bunch
of added chemicals like ferrocyanide, fluoride and
aluminosilicate — which you definitely do NOT want in
your food…

On the other hand, pure unrefined salt contains
84% sodium, the rest being 16% of essential trace
minerals and other micronutrients.

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