5 Bodyweight Exercises NOT To Do!

these five no-no bodyweight exercises…

#1 – Triceps dips with your hands behind you on a bench – These are terrible for your shoulder joint and rotator cuff muscles.

#2 – Jumping exercises on concrete OR if you are overweight – These will kill your knees.

#3 – Sit-ups & crunches & V-sits – These will cause you back problems.

#4 – Pushups with your elbows flared out wide – This version of pushups will cause you great grief in your shoulder joint and rotator cuff.

#5 – High repetition box jumps where you jump back off the box with each rep – Your Achilles will snap one of these days. Bad news bears right there!

But you might still be making the following mistakes on 3 otherwise awesome bodyweight exercises:

Please do NOT do…

1) Mountain Climbers with a rounded low-back

This will hurt your back just as quickly as sit-ups or crunches. You must keep your body in a straight line with your abs braced to get the best ab workout and fitness boost from this exercise.

2) Prisoner Squats with “lazy” hands

When you do prisoner squats, you need to keep your fingers interlaced behind your head, your elbows back, and your shoulder blades squeezed together. That is how you get MORE results from this move. It allows you to work your upper back without equipment. Don’t be lazy like most people that just touch their finger tips to the side of their head. That’s lame.

3) Ugly Lunges

Listen, it’s okay if you don’t have the proper balance to do lunges. You can switch to a safer exercise such as Reverse Lunges, Split Squats, Step-ups, or 1-Leg Lying Hip Extensions.

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