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Let’s Get Started:


Dear Friend,


If not being able to get to the gym has been holding you back from the body you deserve, these “5 anywhere, anytime exercise…” will fix you up.


You need absolutely no special equipment for them and minimal space.


The trick is to make exercise a habit, and that’s easy to do with these exercises. They’re simple, fast and super effective. I have even put together a schedule for you, so just pick dates and you’re ready to rock!


Get started by learning the exercises below, and in no time you will see amazing results, sure-fire and fast!


AS the premier health & fitness expert in town I have coached hundreds of clients to amazing body transformations… So you know everything I am about to share is PROVEN.


Without further ado, here’s “5 Anywhere, Anytime Exercises for Losing the Love Handles and Getting Rid of the Gut…Fast!”


Great Chest, Back, Arms and Shoulders


Yes, you guessed it! I’m talking about push-ups.


I know most people dread doing push-ups, that’s a shame because it’s the “ultimate exercise…” And once you get into the habit of doing them, they’re a cinch!


Here’s how to do a proper push-up, step-by-step…


  1. Lie face down on the floor


  1. Put your palms on the floor, just about level with your breast and fairly tight to your body


  1. Then push up. Try and keep the rest of your body rigid.


  1. Stop pushing up just before you lock your elbows. Hold for a second and then lower yourself back down slowly. Go until your nose is almost touching the floor.


  1. That’s one. Just repeat.


While you’re doing push-ups you are working your arms, chest, core, legs… You name it! So if you can spend just 5-10 minutes per day doing push-ups you’ll see AND feel amazing results in a very short time indeed.


Best of all, you can do them anywhere and there’s no need for any expensive gym equipment.

The Ultimate “Office” Exercise


Here you’ll see how to do a dip. This is another great anywhere, anytime exercise. All you need is a chair.


Here’s how to do a dip…


  1. Sit on a chair with your hands placed by your side


  1. Extend your legs a little, you knees should be bent with your feet on the floor


  1. Lift your body off your chair and hold your weight


  1. Slowly lower your upper body by bending at the elbows. So you sink towards the floor. Breathe in through your nose


  1. Then push back up to the start position while breathing out through your mouth. Repeat


Dips are another great all round exercise. Although they’re especially good at tightening and toning your triceps. If you have loose, hanging skin on the back of your arm, a daily round of dips should make it disappear.

Awesome Abs…In An Instant


Well, I think you know what’s coming.


Here’s how to do a sit-up…


  1. Sit down on the floor and lock your toes under a desk or other weight you can find.


  1. Lie down on your back, with your arms crossed on your chest and your knees bent at about 45 degrees.


  1. Sit-up so that the bottom of your elbow touches your legs.


  1. Then sit back into lying position. Just so your shoulders are flat on the floor then start sitting up again.


  1. Repeat.


It’s important you keep your arms crossed over your chest. Although it’s popular practice to have your arms behind your head, this is actually dangerous because it strains the neck and bends the back. Two things you don’t want to do.


Make sure the strain is always on your core. When you get to the point where you need to “throw” your upper body to sit-up you should stop.


Sit-ups of course, tighten and tone your abdominal region.

Functional Leg Strength…Without Hurting Your Knees


The lunge looks more like a silly walk then an exercise. But no matter, because you can do it in the privacy of your own home and is excellent for toning your legs.


Here’s how to do a lunge…


  1. Take a big stride forward.


  1. Now bend your back leg so the knee almost touches the floor.


  1. Your front leg will also bend at the knee.


  1. Now simply walk forward, bending your legs like this. Keep your upper body straight and ridged


Lunges will strengthen your legs, knees, and help you develop better posture, balance and stability.

Because you’re working large muscles, you burn off a lot of calories too.


Hold weights (water bottles) for an even better workout.

The KING of All Exercises


Like the push-up, this is an exercise you’ll either love or hate. But it’s also incredibly beneficial to your health. You just need to make it a habit.


Here’s how to do a squat…


  1. Stand up with your arms by your side. Feet about one foot apart.


  1. Now sink your butt to the floor, bending at the knees. As you go down pull your arms up, so they’re straight out in front of you


  1. When you go down as far as you can, hold for a second.


  1. Now use your legs to stand up straight again, moving your arms back to the side of your body


  1. Repeat


It’s important to try and keep your back straight as you squat.


Squatting is great for adding strength to your legs and working your core too.


Your Fast Start Exercise Plan









5 minutes


5 minutes


5 minutes


5 minutes


5 minutes



___Day 01     ___Day 02     ___Day 03





Print off this page every week and stick on your fridge, by your computer or somewhere else you’ll see it plenty.


Fill out your own reps. This a target that will increase over the months. I recommend starting at around 20-40 (depending on how fit you feel you are) and then raising the bar every couple of weeks.


Do this 3 times a week. Check off Day 01, Day 02 and Day 03 after you complete each day. It’s good to set specific days to help with the habit forming… For example: block in your calendar for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Don’t forget to take five minutes before and after for warm-up and cool-down.

What To Take Away From This Report:


All these exercises are classic, time tested proven winners.


Print off your weekly schedule. If you can stick to it religiously for about 1 month (that’s all) you’ll begin to make a habit out of working out, which is the goal. Because once you crack commitment you’re guaranteed the body of your dreams and amazing health.


Try these exercises and see for yourself.



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