Is your daily Gloria Jean’s order silently ruining your metabolism?

3 Steps You Can Use TODAY To Burn MORE Fat From Every Cup Of Coffee, And AVOID

Damaging Your Metabolism With These Common Coffee Shop Mistakes

A lot of modern life happens in coffee shops.

And if you want to lose your belly fat, that can be a great thing OR a huge disaster depending on what you order at your favorite cafe.

First the good news. Caffeine burns fat. In fact, it’s one of the only thoroughly researched ingredients in all those “fat burning” supplements and pills. It works.

And I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s much nicer to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends, family or colleagues than it is to choke down a fistful of expensive fat-burner pills.

But BEWARE. If you make any one of 3 common mistakes on your next Gloria Jean’s visit, you will literally REVERSE the benefits of caffeine and cause your body to store fat FASTER than normal.

Don’t worry though. You can easily avoid this by following the 3 simple steps I’ve outlined below to ensure that you get the maximum fat burning magic from your next trip to the coffee shop without any of the risks.

There’s some fancy science behind these 3 steps. But I’ve boiled it down to simple strategies that you can apply in the real world — starting today — to immediately accelerate your fat burning.

These 3 steps reveal the things you must STOP DOING if you want to burn MORE fat, get an unfair anti-aging advantage, and achieve your ideal body while enjoying your daily coffee fix



Avoid This Coffee Additive
(it destroys coffee’s fat burning power)

Coffee — specifically caffeine — boosts your metabolism and increases fat breakdown and burning. So if you’re following an effective fat loss diet, coffee can help you slash fat even faster.

Here’s how. Caffeine increases circulating epinephrine levels — those are your “fight or flight” hormones — which is a trigger for your body to break down fat and use it for fuel.

Caffeine also inhibits an enzyme that breaks down something called cAMP, a fancy name for a cellular factor that promotes fat burning and stimulates growth hormone release. And that spike in growth hormone is a really good thing, because it’s one of your body’s most powerful natural fat burners.


Even a single teaspoon of sugar in your coffee completely switches off your fat burning magic. You see, sugar and other refined carbs like pastries boost blood sugar and insulin levels. We’ll talk more about insulin when we get to Step 3.

The main thing to remember here is that it’s not just about “calories.” You actually kill coffee’s fat burning power at a cellular level when you add as little as one teaspoon of sugar. Can you imagine what happens to your body when you feed it one of those “desserts in a cup” you get at most coffee joints?

It’s pretty scary…

So skip the specialty coffees, avoid the pastries and cookies, and opt for a plain black coffee instead. If you really need sweetener, add some natural stevia extract.

By skipping the sugar trap, you keep burning fat all day.



Do NOT Waste This Powerful Anti-Aging Super Nutrient
(it’s in the coffee you drink every day)

Did you know that both coffee and tea are significant sources of powerful antioxidants? And that anti-oxidants can actually help turn back the clock on accelerated aging?

And did you know that even if you eat a healthy organic diet, the air you breathe and the products you use on your skin every day are pumping you full of age accelerating toxins?

These same toxins don’t just make you look and feel older than you are. They actually make it harder to lose fat, even if you keep your calories low and follow an exercise plan.

But coffee and green tea — along with a healthy whole food diet — can help mop up those toxins so you look and feel younger, while making it easier for you to torch off even the most stubborn fat.

Here are just some of the antioxidants in your daily cup of coffee: caffeic acid, caffeine, the chlorogenic acids, eugenol, gamma-tocopherol, isoeugenol, p-coumaric acid, scopoletin and tannic acid.

But guess what… All those health benefits in your cuppa joe will be instantly wiped out if you add sugar.

This happens because sugar increases inflammation in your body, which cancels out all those anti-aging health benefits. Inflammation also leads to both leptin and insulin resistance. And that is very very bad…

You see, insulin is the hormone that allows you to store nutrients in your cells. If you’re “insulin resistant”, you end up storing more of those nutrients in your fat cells, and it’s harder to lose it. Leptin plays a role here too. It regulates hunger and fat storage. So if you’re “leptin resistant”, you’re slammed with the double whammy of intense food cravings and excess fat storage.

Yet another reason to drink your coffee black.



NEVER Eat Carbs With Your Coffee
(here’s why…)

In Step 2 you discovered the importance of insulin sensitivity. The higher it is, the easier it is for you to lose fat and avoid fat storage from your meals.

And coffee can help with that too… but only over the long term.

In the short term — for about 2 – 6 hours after consumption — coffee actually drives your insulin sensitivity DOWN. Which is not a big deal unless…

…you eat carbs when you’re in that state of low insulin sensitivity. If you do, they’re likely to be stored as fat.

To avoid this, make sure you drink your coffee in the morning when you’re in a fasted state to take full advantage of its fat burning power. Eat a low carb lunch. And then eat your carbs at night to restock your energy reserves and prime yourself for the next day’s rapid fat loss explosion.



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